Cash Savage Vault Sessions

Out On The Patio: Cash Savage On Performing To An Empty Hamer Hall

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks, like so many other bands, had their live shows for 2020 put on the back burner due to COVID-19. Frontwoman Cash Savage joins Monique to chat about…

Courtney Marie Andrews

International Pop Underground: Courtney Marie Andrews' Songs Are Like Mini-Novels

Courtney Marie Andrews' earliest memory is of music. Of being five years old, and hearing Tomorrow, from the musical Annie.

"Obviously, I feel the melody and the voice, too, but those…

Mabu Mabu Damper

Breakfasters: Drop That Sourdough And Get In With A Damper

So maybe during this period of lockdown you’ve learned some new culinary tricks. Maybe you’ve even mastered the art of baking sourdough! But what about damper? Want to give it a crack? You’re…

Roxanne Moore

The Mission: Why We Need To Raise The Age Of Criminal Responsibility

Roxanne Moore, Executive Officer from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, joins the program to discuss the Raise The Age campaign, which is advocating for officials to raise the age…

Special Program
Flemington aeriel photo

Full Interview: Local Muso Remi Speaks To Flemington Towers Resident Najat Mussa

Local muso Remi has been volunteering at the public housing towers affected by hard lockdown. He spoke to one of the residents at the Flemington towers Najat Mussa on Friday for her take…

Debut program
Represented program image

Represented - 29 June 2020

The first of our new overnight pop-up shows!

Over-representing the under-represented in Australian music

David Sinclair

Online Exclusive: Increasing Human Life-Spans To 120–150 Years

In this Triple R online special, Radiotherapy's Panel Beater (aka Kent Goldsworthy) talks to one of the world's foremost experts on longevity, Professor David Sinclair. In this wide-ranging conversation, Professor Sinclair shares…

Assistant Movie Still

Primal Screen: How Director Kitty Green Explores Workplace Harassment in ‘The Assistant’

Melbourne-based Director Kitty Green is behind Casting JonBenet, Ukraine is Not a Brothel, and her latest release, The Assistant. She joins Primal Screen host Flick Ford to discuss this new movie, which tells…

Griffith Review 68

Breakfasters: Addressing The Aged Care Crisis with Sarah-Holland Batt

Sarah-Holland Batt is a poet, editor, critic and faculty member for Creative Writing at the Queensland University of Technology. Recently, Sarah testified to the Royal Commission’s inquiry into aged care and safety, which…

Spillover book cover

Uncommon Sense: David Quammen Explains How Animal Infections ‘Spillover’ Into Humans

David Quammen is an American science writer and journalist whose 2012 book Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic analyses how zoonotic viruses, like Ebola and SARS, spread from reservoir animal hosts…

Dog in lap

Uncommon Sense: The Science Behind Human–Canine Friendships

Kate Leaver is a journalist and author who has just released her book Good Dogwhich delves into the curious and special bond that has evolved between canines and humans. Kate chats…

Climate Kids Strike

Breakfasters: How Students Can Fight For Climate Justice During Lockdown

Ella Simons from School Strike for Climate phones in to discuss how students can remain politically active in the fight for climate justice during the COVID-19 pandemic. She explains the particular activities that…

Special Program
Stephen Walker at his Roast

Skull Cave 8th February 2013

An archival episode of the Skull Cave for you to enjoy, as we celebrate the life and legacy of Stephen Walker on what would have been his 70th birthday today, 17th April.

The Mission Program Image

The Mission: How Prisons Incubate Diseases And Injustices Faced By Indigenous Populations

Dr. Thalia Anthony is a Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology in Sydney and has recently written an article for The Guardian, where she explains the immanent…

Johnathon Davey

Radio Marinara: How You Can Support the Local Seafood Industry During COVID-19

Johnathon Davey is the Executive Director of Seafood Industry Victoria, the representative body for Victoria seafood producers and distributors. Johnathan calls in to discuss how the local seafood industry is coping with the…

Special Program
Mia Timpano and Emily Highfield, Suldusk, Square Image

Max Headroom: The Origins Of Suldusk

Suldusk is the first-ever metal act to perform at the Music Victoria Awards. The blackened neo-folk project of Melbourne-based artist Emily Highfield, Suldusk is also the winner of Music Victoria’s 2019 Best Heavy…

Radishes stock shot

Breakfasters: The Three Easiest And Most Rewarding Crops For Your Backyard

Justin “Digga” Calverley calls in (while sitting next to his chicken coop watching the sunrise) for his regular "Down & Dirty’ segment, where he provides expert advice on plants and gardening. This week…

Bill Bowtell

Uncommon Sense: Bill Bowtell On Australia’s Response To COVID-19

“We've got to come together in a calm way to minimise the effect of what's coming.” Bill Bowtell, strategic health policy adviser and Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales, joins…

Archie Roach on The Mission 2020

The Mission: Archie Roach In Conversation

Archie Roach joins The Mission host Daniel James (back for the first time in 2020) for a candid discussion on what he achieved last year, including the critical acclaim of his book Tell

Alison Pouliot on Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense: The Surprising Allure of Fungi

From the Pixie’s Parasol (Mycena interrupta) to the less invitingly named Anemone Stinkhorn (Aseroe rubra), Australia is one of 18 countries regarded as megadiverse, and it is especially when…