Zero G

We dread the droid at the movies with the latest Killer Doll/Rogue A.I horror entry, M3GAN, engage with STAR TREK: PICARD SEASON 3 (PARAMOUNT PLUS), and bid farewell to actresses Annie Wersching and Rachel Welch.

Playlist for Zero G – 27 February 2023 - Episode #1430: At The M3egan, With Movies!
  • Star Trek: Picard Season II Main Title Theme (From Star Trek: Picard Season Two OST)Jeff Russo
  • Welcome Aboard (Star Trek: First Contact OST)Jerry Goldsmith
  • Titanium (Cover) (From M3GAN OST)Anthony Willis & Jenna Davis (Cover of Sia song)
  • She's Still Plugged In (M3gan OST)Anthony Willis
  • Model 3 Generative AN-droid (M3gan OST)Anthony Willis
  • I'm Ready To Groove (A Swinging' Summer: 70 Hits Of The 70s)Raquel Welch

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Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical. Movies, television, theatre, events, books, comics, humans, toys, Things, mathoms and oojahs! Rob Jan with Megan McKeough.

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