Zero G

We peruse THE MENU (on Disney +) and raise a World's Second Best Lawyer Again travel mug to BETTER CALL SAUL (on Stan).

Playlist for Zero G – 30 January 2023 - Episode #1426: Cooking show? Lawyer show!
  • Welcome To Hawthorne (From The Menu OST)Colin Stetson
  • Pollos Hermanos Veneno (From Breaking Bad OST)Chuy Flores
  • One Last Grift (From Better Call Saul OST)Dave Portman
  • Better Call Saul Main Title Theme (From Better Call Saul EP)Dave Portman cover by Voided
  • Unsquare Dance (From Better Call Saul OST)Dave Brubeck
  • Death Don't Have No Mercy (From Better Call Saul OST)Max Magro and the Wolfgang

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Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical. Movies, television, theatre, events, books, comics, humans, toys, Things, mathoms and oojahs! Rob Jan with Megan McKeough.

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The podcast intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.