Breakfasters 2018
Listen to Breakfasters – 13 February 201903:00:0013 February 2019
Playlist for Breakfasters – 13 February 2019
  • Valentine SchmalentineSOAK
  • Comfort ZoneThe Murlocs
  • Pop SongThe Snakes
  • Fly AwayBaxter Dury, Delilah Holliday, and Étienne de Crécy
  • Close To Your EgoPavo Pavo
  • No FightingMethel Ethyl
  • No More WordsCC Disco (Sui Zhen)
  • Old NewsBig Supermarket
  • Your TorturerJ.McFarlane's Reality Guest
  • Ar.MOurUNKLE
  • CyboogieKing Gizzard & The LIzard Wizard
  • SunshineThe Avalacnches
  • FellstarJessica Pratt
  • I Only SaidMy Bloody Valentine
  • Talking DistanceSunbeam Sound Machine
  • Something About MeMartin Frawley
  • Lucy'sGirlpool
  • Rose and Beast (薔薇と野獣 )Haruomi Hosono
  • Mal Mi GoaGordon Koang

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Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)

Weekly segments

Monday 7:15am Andrew "Donno" Donninson 'Sports wrap'
8:15am Toby Halligan 'Politics'
Tuesday 7:45am Elizabeth McCarthy / Michelle Bennett - 'Book Review'
8:15am Vanessa Toholka 'Tech Talk'
8:15am Justin "Digga" Calverley 'Down And Dirty'
Wednesday 7:45am Dr Jen 'Weird Science'
Thursday 7:15am Simone Ubaldi / Hayley Inch 'Film Review'
8.15am 'Feature Creatures' with Sean "The Birdman" Dooley / Dr Tristan Rich (Lort Smith) / Simon Hinkley (Museums Victoria) / Ricky-Lee Erickson (Museums Victoria)
Friday 7:45am Laura Dunemann 'Friday Funnybugger'
8:45am 'Breakfasters Live' with different live bands each week

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