Breakfasters 2018
Listen to Breakfasters – 19 December 201803:00:0019 December 2018
Playlist for Breakfasters – 19 December 2018
  • Quiero Otono De NuevoMint Field
  • Black TapesSO.Crates Alnitak Kid and Nelson Dialect
  • Double HeartRobert Rental
  • 1999 WildfireBrockhampton
  • Nose Picker Negative Scanner
  • I Believe in ChristmasBamboo
  • Nowhere2goEarl Sweatshirt
  • Cruisin The NightWarm Drag
  • Fancy ClownAbstrakt Orchestra
  • SedansScallops Hotel
  • Hot and SexableNatural Wild
  • ForeverKirkis
  • PeterBig Supermarket
  • First SongCaroline Says
  • Golden FleeceHermit and the Recluse
  • State of MindCavalier (Ft. Georgia Ann Muldrow)
  • StartNovelist
  • Name EscapeBodega
  • BlossomsP. Sus
  • Qi VelocityPeel Dream Magazine
  • Daa NyinnaAta Kak
  • Random RulesSilver Jews
  • Edible DoorLithics
  • KokoteBryte
  • 6"1Liz Phair
  • Sli GgoggRiver Yarra
  • I'm GratefulBrigid Mae Power
  • HymnMock Identity
  • Pale Burnt Lake Virginia Wing

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Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)

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Monday 7:15am Andrew "Donno" Donninson 'Sports wrap'
8:15am Toby Halligan 'Politics'
Tuesday 7:45am Elizabeth McCarthy / Michelle Bennett - 'Book Review'
8:15am Vanessa Toholka 'Tech Talk'
8:15am Justin "Digga" Calverley 'Down And Dirty'
Wednesday 7:45am Dr Jen 'Weird Science'
Thursday 7:15am Simone Ubaldi / Hayley Inch 'Film Review'
8.15am 'Feature Creatures' with Sean "The Birdman" Dooley / Dr Tristan Rich (Lort Smith) / Simon Hinkley (Museums Victoria) / Ricky-Lee Erickson (Museums Victoria)
Friday 7:45am Laura Dunemann 'Friday Funnybugger'
8:45am 'Breakfasters Live' with different live bands each week