Listen to The past and to the future of marine and coastal management, Bob Kearny, Chris Symth, & Mechelle Cheers47:2010 April 2022

Bron and Kade get out the crystal ball and look to the past and to the future of marine and coastal management – perspectives from 60 years of recreational fishing, 20 years of Marine Protected Areas in Victoria, and the concept of 30% global protection by 2030...

• Bob Kearney is a life-long recreational fisher, having spent countless hours fishing off NSW rocks and beaches since the 1960s. He is also Emeritus Professor of Fisheries Management at the Institute for Applied Ecology at the University of Canberra. Bob has explored a lifetime of fishing for fun and work in “Fishing in the Good Old Days – was it really better?”, and we’ll speak with Bob his book and whether he’s found an answer to this question.

• We continue our discussion with Chris Smyth, former marine campaigner for the Victorian National Parks Association, about 20 years of marine and coastal protection in Victoria. We’ll take a look back at Marinara’s ‘game changing’ interview with world conservation heavyweights Sylvia Earle, David Bellamy and David Suzuki, and contemplate a growing global push for ’30 by 30’ – 30% of the marine environment protected by 2030.

• And we’ll speak with Mechelle Cheers, Chair of the Rye Community Group Alliance, about community concerns following recent news of plans to install 16 large concrete structures as a new artificial reef off Point Nepean.

About this program

The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.

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