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Radio Marinara - 06 October 2019

Big Show! Bron, Kade and Anth are in the good ship Marinara. And don't forget to put your clocks forward on Sunday morning...

How many uses of seaweed are you aware of? Zoe…


Radio Marinara - 29 September 2019

Eleven years ago ‘Beached Az’ was born - a 90-second animation series featuring random conversations between a Kiwi seagull and his mate the whale who is, well, beached as. Next week Beached Az…


Radio Marinara - 15 September 2019

Did you see the footage of the Sunfish just cruising around Port Phillip Bay this week? Just when we think we’ve seen everything PPB has to offer! Baykeeper Neil Blake notes his observations…


Radio Marinara - 08 Sept 2019

Hoist the sails! Our brand new sailing reporter Brett Ditchfield brings us his inaugural segment ‘Cabin Boy Diaries’. Brett will talk about the myths and mysteries of crossing Bass Strait in a small…


Radio Marinara - 01 September 2019

The Beachster and Anth are piloting the good ship marinara this week as we reflect on the excitement that was Radiothon.

Dr Bryce Stewart all the way from the University of York in…


Radio Marinara - 4 August 2019

Marine Protection meets Marine Science!

Have you ever seen a sea creature and wondered ‘What on earth is that?’ If the animal or plant is from Port Phillip Bay, the answer to that…


Radio Marinara - 28 July 2019

Radio Marinara turns 1000! Way back in December 1996, Tim Allen, Dave Speller and Anthony Boxshall launched a summer fill on RRR that still has not gone away...

Bron will talk with Tim…


Radio Marinara - 21 July 2019

We’re somewhere near the half-way point in the annual whale migrations along Australia’s east coast, and Dave Donnelly (Killer Whales Australia) gives us a mid-season review of what’s been spotted and where, including…


Radio Marinara - 14 July 2019

Fam Charko brings us the next installment of ‘Plastic Litteracy’, Fam’s monthly segment focusing on the problems caused by plastics in the marine environment, and what we can all do to address them…


Radio Marinara - 7 July 2019

It's Kade and Dr Beach in the fishbowl with Dr Surf phoning in the surf report

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The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.