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Cabin Boy, Save Cape Bridgewater & Mt Martha Beach Patrol

Bron, Fam and Kade bring you this week’s hour of all things wet ‘n salty, including:
• Brett-the-Cabin-Boy, from somewhere in the middle of Port Phillip Bay, who’ll talk us through the logistics…


Shipwrecks, The Idiots Guide to Anglin' and Danglin' & Climate Adaptations

Oh so much on the show this week!

Bron, Anth and Rex are in the studio.

Rex is hunting a new shipwreck - the wreck of the 17 ton ketch, Tommy Dodd lost…


Antarctic Krill Mission, Conservation Biology, EcoCentre Microplastics Research

Well ahoy there! The Marinara crew has polished the decks, hoisted the sails, and we're ready to embark on 2021 – the year of all things wet n salty!

For our first show…


Wrapping up 2020

Wrapping-Up 2020


Baykeeper Neil, The Banda Sea, Birds and Beaches

Anth, Bron and Kade are (virtually and actually) in the house/ship Sunday and streaming online and in your pods anytime!

Lots of news and views and secret live musos (that even Anth pressing…


Smooth Handfish, Noumea Fisheries and all the wet and salty news

The Smooth Handfish was once so plentiful in Tasmania, it was one of the first Australian fish species to be documented in scientific literature. In July this year, it was declared extinct, representing…


Bigfin Squid, 'Seacreatures' Podcast & Port Phillip Bay reef health.

We speak with Dr Deborah Osterhage, Tasmania-based marine scientist, about some incredible recent footage of Bigfin Squid 'Magnapinna sp'. in the Great Australian Bight from the 2017 research voyage of the CSIRO vessel…


Remembering Ecologist Joe Connell, Waterbears and all that's wet and salty

Remembering Ecologist Joe Connell, Waterbears and all that's wet and salty


Ballast Trade, Blast Off Surfing & Spider Crabs

Rex Hunter teaches us all about the former ballast trade, carried out during the 19th century, and its vital role in enabling ships to leave Melbourne.

· ‘Blast Off’ is a fantastic surfing…


Aequorea Jelly FIsh, Orcas, Seafood and Unidentified Marine Objects

Baykeeper Neil Blake joins us to talk about the Aequorea jellyfish that arrived in the mouth of Port Phillip Bay during the week. These jellies are pelagic, but their natural range is the…

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