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Marine Life: Thriving or Failing?

Bron Burton and Kade Mills are joined by Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake, Charles Darwin University PhD student Julia Constance, and two surfing ambassadors for Patagonia Australia (Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich). Blake…


Uncovering the mystery of Point Lonsdale's Ships' Graveyard & Carbon Catching Seaweed

Bron and Dr Beach chat with Geoff Naylor, member of the Geelong Skin Divers, who helped discover the Ships' Graveyard 50 years ago, close to Point Lonsdale.

Plus, Prof. Catriona Hurd (University of…


In what ways can marine restoration in Australia be achieved?

Bron Burton and Fam Charko are joined by Platform Arts CEO Ilana Russell, two members of Earthcare St Kilda (Glen Adams and Richard Pensak), and Scott Breschkin from The Nature Conservancy. Ilana talks…


Burmese Pythons: The predator in Florida's Everglades and Victoria's weather & summer vibes.

This week hosts Anthony Boxshall and Dr. Beach welcome guest Jessica Spencer from Florida to discuss the challenges of Burmese pythons, non-native species impacting Florida's wildlife. Also, stay tuned for insights on summer…


Dr Rip's Top 5 Beach Safety Tips, Christmas in Antarctica, and Coastal Summer Events!

Bron, Rex Hunter, Neil Blake and Cabin Boy take their final Radio Marinara voyage of 2023! Crossing to Sydney, they chat to Dr Rip aka Rob Brander about his top 5 safety tips…


Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition and Lessepsian migration through Suez Canal

In this episode Dr. Beach and Kade Mills chat with Helen Privett, Museums Victoria's Manager of Touring Exhibitions, unraveling the mysteries of 'Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition. Later, we're joined by Prof John Lewis…


So You Wanna Be a Surfie, Do Ya?

Dr Beach is joined by Dr Surf, who gives us some surfing tips for newbies ahead of summer: everything from classes, to surf shops, boards and wetsuits.

Then, author Phil Jarratt talks about…


History of Antarctic Whaling, Clever Cephalopods, Daughters of the Deep and Future-Predicting Films

Bron and Fam chat to Scottish Author Sandy Winterbottom, about the journey to Antarctica that inspired her new book, ‘The Two-Headed Whale: Life, Loss and the Tangled Legacy of Whaling in the


Recreating Ancient Bayside Animals, Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book, and Cooking with Seaweed

Join Bron and Kade as they speak with five special guests in this episode: coastal paleontologist Ben Francschelli guides us through recreating ancient bayside animals; Myra Kelly delivers this week's dive report; Dave…


Protecting Australia's Ocean For Good, Manta Ray Cleaning Stations, How to Safely Swim in a Rip, and Climate Law!

The team are joined by Patagonia Surf Ambassador, Dave Rastovich, to discuss Patagonia's 'Protect Australia's Ocean For Good' event that will be taking place at The Capitol Theatre on the 8th of November…

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The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.

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