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Plastic Literacy, Spider Crabs and Cabin Boy Diaries

In our next instalment of Plastic Litteracy, we’ll be talking company-wide behaviour change around plastic use, with the Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Australiasia Ricki Hersburgh

Spider crab, spider crab, friendly neighbourhood spider…


Agin Whale Sharks and Jeff's Soundwaves

If you were ever to get two activities that were diametrically opposed, it would be surfing and painting. We’ll speak with artist and surfer Henry Jock Walker about how he has managed to…


Volunteering The Waterways During Covid-19

Bron and Fam present a special volunteer focused edition of Radio Marinara. With marine and coastal volunteers in covid-19 isolation, staying connected to the coast has been a big challenge when so many…


Sharks, Sting-Rays, Climate Resilient Algae and Life's A Beach

Dr Victoria Camilieri-Asch, researcher at QLD University of Technology will join us from sunny BrisVegas discussing her reseach into how Sharks and Rays smell - and don't say "terrible...". She would have been…


Radio Marinara - 26 Apriol 2020

In his April chapter of Cabin Boy Diaries, Brett talks about the Plimsoll Line, a vessel marking which has saved thousands of sailors from a watery grave, and has had some controversy to…


Radio Marinara - 19 Apr 2020

Estuaries in NSW are warming at twice the rate of oceans! Elliot Scanes from Sydney University joins us to talk about his recent research that uncovered this unnerving information. Then from Sydney to…


Radio Marainara - 29 March 2020

With cabin fever setting in for many of us, Brett’s March edition of Cabin Boy Diaries couldn’t be better timed. Stuck in his own cabin, Brett explores the etymology of the yacht, and…


Radio Marinara 22 March 2020

For our March edition of ‘Coastal Recovery’, we speak with Surf School Surf and SUP coach Rob in Broulee on the NSW South Coast. Coming up to nearly 3 months after the massive…


Radio Marinara 15 March 2020

Bron’s flying solo this week! Join her as she catches up with
• Rex Hunter, Marinara’s maritime archaeologist and historian, about Hobson’s Bay on fire during the gold rush of the 1850s, when…


Radio Marinara - 08 March 2020

It’s International Women’s Day, and Bron and Fam are acknowledging and celebrating this day with a focus on some extraordinary women doing extraordinarily good things to care for, understand, protect and respect our…

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