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A Deep Dive into Surfing and Pesticide Watch

Dr Beach and Dr Surf are joined by shaper of DMS Surfboards Dillion Milenkovich and Deakin University researcher Brady Hamilton. Milenkovich discusses his mobile surf museum and his podcast called ‘Salt of the…


The Lighter and Darker Sides of Australian Marine Life

Bron and Rachel are joined by Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake, marine scientist Kade Mills and coastal palaeontologist Ben Francischelli. Blake provides information on the predicted sea level rises due to climate change…


"Multi-habitat Seascape Restoration", Out of season Spider Crab, "The Road to Patagonia" & 9 Worst Marine Movies Ever Made

This week, Bron and Fam talk to Scott Breschkin from The Nature Conservancy to give an update on their big "Multi-habitat Seascape Restoration" plan. Dr. Elodie Camprasse from Deakin University also joined the…


Jervis Bay Reefs, Sea Shepherd & Spider Crabs

This week Bron Burton & Dr. Beach are joined by special guests; Cara Hull with diving reports from Jervis Bay, Captain Peter Hammarstedt on Sea Shepherd's latest Australian vessel 'Allankay', and Dr. Elodie…


Myths & Truths about Algae; Diving into the Ocean Film Festival with Jemima Robinson

Bron and Kade talk to Zoe Britain about algae, its myths and truths, also a chat about Ocean film fest with founder and chief executive Jemima Robinson. as well as a chat with…


Classic Boat Festival, Ice Sheet & Climate Tipping Point and Dog Surfing

This week Anthony Boxshall and Dr. Beach talk to Cabin Boy about the classic boat festival in Paynesville, and to guests Dr. Felicity McCormack on ice sheets and climate tipping points in Antarctic…


Marine Life: Thriving or Failing?

Bron Burton and Kade Mills are joined by Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake, Charles Darwin University PhD student Julia Constance, and two surfing ambassadors for Patagonia Australia (Lauren Hill and Dave Rastovich). Blake…


Uncovering the mystery of Point Lonsdale's Ships' Graveyard & Carbon Catching Seaweed

Bron and Dr Beach chat with Geoff Naylor, member of the Geelong Skin Divers, who helped discover the Ships' Graveyard 50 years ago, close to Point Lonsdale.

Plus, Prof. Catriona Hurd (University of…


In what ways can marine restoration in Australia be achieved?

Bron Burton and Fam Charko are joined by Platform Arts CEO Ilana Russell, two members of Earthcare St Kilda (Glen Adams and Richard Pensak), and Scott Breschkin from The Nature Conservancy. Ilana talks…


Burmese Pythons: The predator in Florida's Everglades and Victoria's weather & summer vibes.

This week hosts Anthony Boxshall and Dr. Beach welcome guest Jessica Spencer from Florida to discuss the challenges of Burmese pythons, non-native species impacting Florida's wildlife. Also, stay tuned for insights on summer…

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The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.

Segments: Rex Hunter, Neil Blake, Jeff Maynard, Ben Francischelli

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Tech: Rachel Connor, Nereaders Digest. 

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