Listen to Spider Crabs, Artifical Reefs & Jeff with Soundwaves49:1019 July 2020

It’s been about a month since the 2020 spider crab aggregation ended and the crabs headed back out to sea. With 9 months until they return, the clock is already ticking and the campaigns to increase their protection continues. We catch up with Jacqui Younger from Spider Crab Alliance, and PT Hirschfield from Spider Crabs Melbourne on what their groups have been up to since Crabapallooza 2020 ended, and what their plans are in the months ahead to continue their campaign efforts to push for greater protection in 2021.

Fam brings us up to speed on some new Australian research just published about fish abundance on artificial reefs placed in estuaries. Fam also has another trivia fact that you didn’t know about nudibranchs. Nudibranchs – what’s not to love!

And Jeff Maynard brings us this month’s Soundwaves, which returns to its Happy Place for yet another attempt to save the world using the undeniable wisdom of 1960s drive-in movies.

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