Listen to Radio Marainara - 29 March 202042:0129 March 2020

With cabin fever setting in for many of us, Brett’s March edition of Cabin Boy Diaries couldn’t be better timed. Stuck in his own cabin, Brett explores the etymology of the yacht, and the social standing of owning a yacht or a boat. Or a rubber ducky. Or a giant inflatable swan. Or whatever gets you on the water.

AJ brings us up to speed on the work to protect the incoming spider crabs, plus a report from the Mornington Peninsula – how have the beaches been this weekend? We’re really hoping the answer is ‘empty’.

We’ll then cross to Townsville to speak with Professor Ellen Ariel from James Cook University about her research in investigating the prevalence of plastic in the gut of stranded sea turtles and how it impacts turtle populations. Her research is being supported by funds raised by Melbourne-based artist Rekha Khurmi through the sales of her beautiful ‘Sea Turtle’ artwork this weekend via an online exhibition as part of the ‘True Form’ group exhibition at Black Spot Gallery and Studios, Mornington. We’ll also have Rehka with us via Skype while we speak with Ellen by phone - hopefully the techgremlins stay out of the studio!

And then from Townsville to Perth, we’ll speak with Australian Geographic photographer Wade Hughes about the images and stories behind a stunning new photographic book called ‘Looking for Whales’ – after 15 years and 14 expeditions, Wade and his partner Robyn have captured the lives, behaviour and habitats of several whale species in various life cycle stages from all around the world in an utterly stunning publication that you'll want to have in your collection.

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