Listen to Radio Marinara - 19 Apr 202045:3519 April 2020

Estuaries in NSW are warming at twice the rate of oceans! Elliot Scanes from Sydney University joins us to talk about his recent research that uncovered this unnerving information. Then from Sydney to Perth...

Ocean Mind is a wonderful program running out of Torquay and connecting young people experiencing mental health issues with the ocean. But now that group activities are out of the water for a while, founder Rachel Parker has come up with a great online alternative (for now!) called 'Drop In', launched this week. We'll catch up with Rachel about Drop In and the planned activities in the next few weeks.

Ever thought about how one might go about measuring a whale? Grace Russell has – she’s measuring humpback whales as part of her PhD research, looking into differences between humpbacks migrating along the east and west coasts of Australia. So how did she do it?

Jeff Maynard joins us for a Soundwaves like no other. Paying tribute to the great and sadly late Tim Brooke-Taylor, we’ve momentarily paused 2020 Soundwaves Saves the World for Soundwaves Self-Isolates – in a lighthouse. Yes it’s The Goodies, stuck in a lighthouse and having to learn to get along. Soundwaves serving up some tips for staying at home.

Plus some cracking tunes – it’s April Amnesty, and throughout April we’ll be celebrating some of RRR’s magnificent music shows getting inspired by all things wet ‘n salty :) Who will it be this week?

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