Listen to Radio Marinara 22 March 202014:3922 March 2020

For our March edition of ‘Coastal Recovery’, we speak with Surf School Surf and SUP coach Rob in Broulee on the NSW South Coast. Coming up to nearly 3 months after the massive bushfires on New Year’s Eve, how are smaller coastal towns like Broulee recovering? What does the complication of CV19 mean for their recovery, and will well meaning tourists over Easter help or hamper the efforts of coastal towns to bounce back?

Fam brings us Plastic Litteracy, where she’ll look at some CV19 science behind practising safe water sports, whilst staying sane in not reverting to our disposable plastic addiction.

AJ joins us to talk about the impact of CV19 on diving, plus an update about the campaign to protect our incoming spider crabs, who unsurprisingly won’t be waiting for CV19 to go away before they come in to moult, breed and risk being taken by the thousands.

And – because we need it more than ever - Soundwaves Saves the World – Jeff Maynard believes all the answers to life can be found in 1950s drive-in movies so Soundwaves will present Vincent Price explaining the current corona virus crisis – where’s the marine hook? Tune in to find out.

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