Listen to Radio Marinara 15 March 202045:3215 March 2020

Bron’s flying solo this week! Join her as she catches up with
• Rex Hunter, Marinara’s maritime archaeologist and historian, about Hobson’s Bay on fire during the gold rush of the 1850s, when 9 vessels were burnt and sunk. Might there still be gold off Hobson’s Bay?
• Associate Professor Dan Ierodiacanou about some exciting imagery of a newly discovered underwater landscape in the middle of Bass Strait that seems to be a critical habitat for fish, an important hotspot for marine biodiversity, and river systems that would have flowed when the sea level was lower, many thousands of years ago.
• PhD candidate Holger Janes about some fantastic new research that has, for the first time, put a value on the contribution of coastal ecosystems to the diet of fish, estimating it is worth $80 million a year to Australian fisheries.

And Dr Surf - it took a global pandemic, but we've got Dr Surf back on the phone for a 'calm the farm' style surf report. Like he has any other style...

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