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It’s International Women’s Day, and Bron and Fam are acknowledging and celebrating this day with a focus on some extraordinary women doing extraordinarily good things to care for, understand, protect and respect our marine environment:

Emma Webb, prosurfer, 2019 Pacific Longboard champion and founder of 'Wild Women on Water' joins us from Lorne to talk about women's competitive surfing - where it's come from, where it's at and where it's going. Plus Emma outlines her personal mission to get as many women up on boards as she can!

Dr Allyson O'Brien (Melbourne Uni) returns to talk about 2019 Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica (along with Einstein Au Gogo’s Dr Jen) and what came out of it, plus her life as a marine scientist, and her personal journey as a woman in academia.

Dr Jacqui Pocklington (current PV Marine Parks Manager) tells us about her experiences as a university based marine science researcher, and what it's like now working in government in charge of all of the science programs in Victoria's marine national parks and sanctuaries.

Plus we cross to Merimbula NSW to Jacqui Younger who is leading a dive trip along the NSW Sapphire Coast supporting coastal communities impacted by the summer fires.

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