Listen to Protecting Children’s Online Data From Big Tech28:2519 May 2021

The team catch up with Rys Farthing, Children’s Data Policy director at Reset Australia, to talk about whether proposed privacy laws should be extended to all children under 18, which would prohibit the collection of a minor’s data by big tech companies such as Instagram and Tik Tok. Doing so would stop targeted advertising, and data harvesting of all Australian children. Reset Australia is also advocating for a data code for children as part of the federal government’s privacy review.

The team are also joined by Bridgette Engeler, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Design, Foresight, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at Swinburne University’s Business School to talk about the future of our digital identities and privacy online. With presenters Vanessa Toholka, Dan Salmon, and Paul Callaghan.

Reset Australia

What to expect from the impending release of the Privacy Act Review Discussion Paper | GT Law

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