Listen to Using AI to predict the future of transport and ease congestion16:4026 May 2021

Ricardo Garcia Rosas, the CEO of Virtetic VR Prosthetic Rehab, talks about how virtual reality can be used in the rehabilitation process for patients who have lost limbs in traumatic accidents. The team are also joined by Professor Majid Sarvi, director of the University of Melbourne’s Australian Integrated Multimodal Ecosystem (AIMES) to discuss how artificial intelligence can be used to predict the future of transport and ease congestion by up to 20% in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney

With presenters: Warren Davies, Dan Morganti, and Rowena Murray

Virtetic | Virtual Reality Prosthetics

Australian Integrated Multimodal Ecosystem (AIMES)

Using AI To Predict The Future of Transport and Ease Congestion | AIMES

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