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Program - Breakfasters

Monday to Friday 6am-9am

This weeks highlights

18th Jul 18

Former Triple R broadcaster Marieke Hardy, aka Holly C, talks about what she's programmed at this year's Melbourne Writers Festival, in her first year as the Festival's new Artistic Director; and Dr. Jen drops the "Weird Science" on Dunbar's Number - that's the number of people a person can have in their social circle according to psychologist Robin Dunbar.

19th Jul 18

Sean "The Birdman" Dooley is back this week, talking about what's new in birdworld; Simone Ubaldi reviews a new-release film; and Dr. Avery Poole, Assistant Director of the Melbourne School Of Government at the University Of Melbourne, talks about where things are at for women in Australian politics in light of the recent statements made in Federal Parliament to Senator Hanson-Young by Senator Leyonhjelm.

20th Jul 18

Laura Dunemann is this week's 'Friday Funnybugger' and "Breakfasters Live" will be tearing the studio a hot new one!

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