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Bogey Birds, Blockbusters & Therapy Speak

Psychologist Dr. Ahona Guha discusses the rise of therapy speak and its creep into the mainstream language; Sean 'the Birdman' Dooley brings us the latest on Bogey Birds; author Charlotte Wood talks about…


The Guilty Feminist, Barcodes & Mr. Squiggle

Linguist Kate Burridge explains the history and origins of sport slang; the team chats about moving in with a partner; Dan Salmon takes us through the history of the barcode and its first…


Middle Names, Bananas & TV Spoilers

Michael Harden is passionate about bananas; the team discuss middle names; Dr. Jen describes the science behind a baby’s cry; Fi Wright (not the other Fiona Wright) reviews Naomi Klein’s Doppelganger: A Trip


Swimming in the Seine, Puzzles and Aid Work in Gaza

Comedian Chloe Petts chats about her MICF show If You Can’t Say Anything Nice; Nat wonders about the logistics and potential pitfalls of swimming in the Seine for the Olympics; book reviewer…


Comedy Travel, Food Guide for Visitors & a Palestinian Memoir

Aussie legend and gardener Costa Georgiadis chats about the Little Food Festival at Fed Square; foodie Besha Rodell provides the ultimate guide for where to take visitors in Melbourne; comedian Jason Leong on…


Chicago, Aussie Vernacular & Stealing Souvenirs

The team celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Aussie term “grouse”; filmmakers and brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes talk about their latest film Late Night With the Devil; Mon makes a case for…


Happiness, Botany & Comedy Galore

Comedian Tom Ballard talks about his Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Good Point Well Made and his YouTube series IT IS I; Dr. Jen addresses the question: Can we learn to be happy…


Infantile Amnesia, Real Estate Agents & Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Comedian Zoë Coombs Marr covers every single thing in her whole life with her upcoming show at MICF; Dr. Jen explains why we struggle to remember early childhood memories; the team shares stories…


Trader Joe, Tiramisu and RISING 2024

Book lover Fi Wright sums up Cal Newport’s book Slow productivity: the lost art of accomplishment without burnout; for Food Interlude, Michael Harden celebrates an Italian classic in honour of International Tiramisu…


Super Tuesday, Sad Oompa Loompa & AI Photography

Professor of Politics at Deakin University, Zim Nwokora, fills us in on Super Tuesday and the US election; comedian Greg Larsen chats about his show Revolting at Melbourne International Comedy Festival; Dr. Alison…

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Monday 7:15am Andrew "Donno" Donnison - Sports Wrap
8:15am Ben Eltham - Politics Wrap
Tuesday 7:45am Fi Wright and others - Book Reviews
8:15am Vanessa Toholka - Tech Talk / Adam Christou - Game Changers
Wednesday 7.15am Justin "Digga" Calverley - Down And Dirty / Michael Harden - Food Interlude
7.45am Dr. Jen - Weird Science
Thursday 7:15am Simone Ubaldi / Megan McKeough - Screen Reviews
8.15am Sean "Birdman" Dooley and others - 'Feature Creatures' / Guests - Global Affairs
Friday 7:45am 'Friday Funnybugger' with local comedians
8:15am The Breakfasters Breakdown Quiz
8:45am Breakfasters Live

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