Zero G

We set sail with a 17th Century murder mystery aboard Stuart Turton's novel, THE DEVIL IN THE DARK WATER, get a little more Mando with the coffee table book THE ART OF STAR WARS - THE MANDALORIAN (SEASON ONE), and giggle at the Netflix comedy special, DEATH TO 2020 and BBC America's adaptation of Terry Pratchett's THE WATCH, now streaming on Stan.

Playlist for Zero G – 11 January 2020 – Episode #1323: What Do You Get If You Cross A Mandalorian With A Time Machine?
  • Red Sails (From The Lodger album)David Bowie
  • Space Shanty (From Black Label album)Jon English
  • The Mandalorian - Epic Vocal VersionAline Happ
  • BowieFlight Of The Conchords

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Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical. Movies, television, theatre, events, books, comics, humans, toys, Things, mathoms and oojahs! Rob Jan with Megan McKeough.

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