Zero G

"They're coming in too fast?" This week...sooooo many announcements about Marvel and Star Wars television series and movies. Do we have to have a high midichlorian count AND a fistful of infinity stones to survive it all? Also, we farewell U.S American Science Fiction Writer, Scholar and Editor, Doctor of Education, Benjamin "Ben" Bova.

Playlist for Zero G – 28 December 2020 – Episode #1321: Littorally Speaking
  • Oh Come All Ye Fateful (From Zombie Christmas Album)19 Action News
  • The Mandalorian Main Title Theme (From The Mandalorian Season One OST)Ludwig Goransson
  • Little Drummer Boy (From Shatner Christmas Album)William Shatner (Featuring Joe Louis Walker)
  • The Avengers Christmas Medley (From Christmas Movie Epics)Alala
  • A Better Future (Remix By Air - From Heathen Album)David Bowie

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