Zero G

We brave two dark and story nights, tragically illuminated by untrustworthy gaslight, to deep dive into on screen adaptations of Daphne Du Maurier's story of Gothic Romance/Horror, REBECCA, comparing and contrasting Alfred Hitchcock's 1940's version and Ben Wheatley's 2020 movie, now streaming on Netflix.

Playlist for Zero G – 23 November 2020 - Episode #1316: I Am Iron Manderley
  • Rebecca (From Something Real Here, Here And Here)Meg & Dia
  • Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (From Sweet Child)Pentangle
  • Shadow Man (From Nothing has Changed)David Bowie

About this program

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical. Movies, television, theatre, events, books, comics, humans, toys, Things, mathoms and oojahs! Rob Jan with Megan McKeough.

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