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Playlist for Breakfasters – 26 February 2021
  • Let The Dog OutJuice Webster
  • Chinese SatellitePhoebe Bridgers
  • I've Been Watching YouIvy Rose
  • Feels Right FEAT Tom ScottMAN MADE MOUNTAIN
  • I Don't Wanna Be With AnyoneDannika
  • Someone Loves YouMere Women
  • Good CitizensCash Savage and the Last Drinks
  • NorthPhoenix
  • SunchymeDario G
  • Letters in Concrete (Lee Walker remix)Memphis LK
  • Sleeping Tiger On The Bund 蓄势待发Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 & Tim Shiel
  • HeatwaveJulien Baker
  • I Like It (Don't Stop)Maxwell Udoh
  • Gospel For A New CenturyYves Tumor
  • Laps Around The SunMerk
  • Human StatueCool Sounds
  • There Flies a SeagullGrace Cummings

About this program

Music, news, sport, weather, information, special guests and regular segments each morning.

Monday to Friday from 6am. We post updates throughout the show (including links to books mentioned etc.) on Facebook and Twitter. You can also email us at


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Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)

Weekly segments

Monday 7:15am Andrew "Donno" Donninson - Sports Wrap
8:15am Ben Eltham - Politics
Tuesday 7:45am Elizabeth McCarthy / Fi Wright - Book Review
8:15am Vanessa Toholka - Tech Talk / Adam Christou - Game Changers
Wednesday 7.15am Justin "Digga" Calverley - Down And Dirty / Michael Harden - Food Interlude
Thursday 7:15am Simone Ubaldi / Vyshnavee Wijekumar - Screen Review
8.15am 'Feature Creatures' with Sean "The Birdman" Dooley / Entomologist Simon Hinkley / Marine expert Lauren Timms
Friday 7:45am 'Friday Funny Bugger' with local comedians
8:15am The Breakfasters Breakdown Quiz
8:45am Breakfasters Live

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