Listen to Bellarine Catchment Network, Spider Crabs 2022, Baykeeper43:478 May 2022

Bron and Fam check out the Bellarine Catchment Network, Spider Crabs 2022 (will they or won’t they), approaches to managing coastal erosion, and community rapid response to outbreaks of the Northern Pacific Seastar...

• We catch up with Matt Crawley from the Bellarine Catchment Network. BCN is a Not-for-profit network on the Bellarine Peninsula, made up of representatives from key catchment and coastal organisations, with an integrated catchment management focus. This includes environment groups, 'Friends of...' groups, land managers, traditional owners, Landcare and Coastcare.

• Dr Elodie Camprasse, Deakin University, brings us the latest on the highly anticipated annual congregation of the Spider Crabs in Port Phillip Bay.

• Baykeeper Neil Blake talks coastal erosion policy and priorities behind the decision processes for mitigation - What are do you think the priority order currently is of infrastructure, cultural values and threatened natural habitat? What should it be?

• And Fam will update us on the Community Rapid Response Teams project, where volunteer teams are trained to respond to mass aggregations of the Northern Pacific Sea stars in Port Phillip Bay.

About this program

The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.

The podcast intro and outro theme is Soft Illusion and was generously provided by Andras.