Listen to Charismatic Megafauna!!47:4131 May 2020

Ok folks, It’s time for some charismatic megafauna!!
•First up, Bec Wellard tells us about a fascinating new line of cetacean communication research – bioacoustics of Orcas in Australian waters. Despite decades of research into the communication patters of whales and dolphins in Australian waters, almost nothing is known about how Orcas communicate here.
•We’ll then catch up with Dave Donnelly (Dolphin Research Institute, Killer Whales Australia) about the latest sightings of Humpbacks and Southern Rights, with whale watching well and truly underway.
•Dr Kate Charlton-Robb from the Marine Mammal Foundation talks about eavesdropping on Burrunan dolphins when the water went silent during the 6 weeks recreational boating ceased throughout the state.
•And to close the show, our Baykeeper Neil Blake brings us a new angle on the introduced pest species, Northern Pacific Seastar. When it comes to charismatic megafauna, we don’t get any better than Neil.

About this program

The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.

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