Listen to Plastic Literacy, Spider Crabs and Cabin Boy Diaries47:2224 May 2020

In our next instalment of Plastic Litteracy, we’ll be talking company-wide behaviour change around plastic use, with the Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Australiasia Ricki Hersburgh

Spider crab, spider crab, friendly neighbourhood spider crab – but which neighbourhood? Blairgowrie? Rye? Portsea? All or none of the above? We’ll speak with Dallas D’Silva from the Victorian Fisheries Authority about how our spideys are doing, upcoming research into their migration dyamics, and what’s been happening to address community concerns about excessive crabbing in 2019.

Then, is it worth it? A new winter coat and shoes for the wife and a bicycle for the boy’s birthday? Brett’s been shipbuilding and will tell us if it’s worth it in this month’s Cabin Boy Diaries.

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