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Today we spoke to Sophie Lamond about a meal she prepared called Gastronomica Apocalyptica, which was part of a broader exhibition from the Carlton Connect Initiative on the future of food. What will the 22nd century food marketplace look like? We've all moved on from meat and three veg, and the exhibition explores what will be on our plates in a (potential) world without bees and cool oceans.

Next up we spoke to John at the Queen Vic Market, green beans are $20 per kilo right now... avoid!

Vanessa and Mat from Melbourne City Rooftop Honey joined us in the studio and spoke about their new honey processing and educaton centre. They'll be running sessions on all aspects of beekeeping as well as having a shiny new home for their honey. We also spoke about a recent discovery of verroa in two beehives in Townsville, which unfortunately means we'll probably see it distributed around Australian hives in the coming months.

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