Zero G

We spice up our overview of the Duneiverse with a look a Frank Herbert's original 1965 novel contrasted with several adaptations into other media

Playlist for Zero G – 13 December 2021 - Episode #1371: Duneatics
  • Prologue (From Dune 1984 OST)Toto (Featuring Virginia Madsen)
  • Main Title (Dune 1984 OST)Toto
  • Sardaukar Trained by Gurney Halleck Remix (Instrumental) (From Sardaukar Trained by Gurney Halleck Remix (Instrumental) Single)Celestial Sequencing
  • Main Title (From Frank Herbert's Dune Miniseries Soundtrack)Grame Revell
  • Litanie Contre La Puer (From Fear Inoculum Album)TØØL
  • I'm Deranged (From Outside Album)David Bowie

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