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Well this weekend sees Dr Beach and Anth paddling the Marinara SUP through a diverse range of marine things.

The Cabin Boy is on tour! And he's going to call us live from the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally to fill us all in on the classic boats. Nice weather for it.

We talked last month about the glacial and ice sheet tipping points and frankly Dr Beach and Anth needed some edu-ma-cation. Thankfully Dr Felicity McCormack from Securing Antarctica's Environmental Future at Monash University happens to be a world expert. She will join us live in the studio to talk about tipping points, what they are and the implications.
Finally, former national surfing dog champion, Spike, will join us live on live with their human (Rob Lorenzon) to chat about the upcoming Noosa dog surfing championships where Spike will be woofing their way to the top. Yep - you read that right. Dog. Surf. Champion...

Playlist for Radio Marinara – 3 March 2024
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  • Domes of PearlClark

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