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Hello Sea People!
We are back on air this Sunday. Anth & Dr Beach will be jumping into the Marinara rockpool to bring you a huge diversity of content fit for a rockpool!
Join us to chat about with Cara about what we all did over summer including the best dive sites to check out in Feb as a part of an extended summer reflections and dive report.

Dr Beach’s has excitedly checked out what’s new in the marine literature. We will talk about sea otters and how, once again, they’re showing us that top predators can keep an entire ecosystem healthy. Also, octopus genetics reveals clues on the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

And in something a little different, did you know that Burmese Pythons are taking over the Florida Everglades? Anth caught up with Jessica Spencer when he was in the US before Xmas. Jessica runs some of the major invasive species response programs in Florida and told him some scary stories about pythons...

Chat then!

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