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Deb from Twisted History joins Aisha again after being a guest on the Tabula Rasa version of MM 2 years ago! The pair catch up and talk all things ghost tours, Geelong Gaol and whats on the cards for Twisted History tours.

Playlist for Mystifying Melbourne – 18 June 2021
  • Yellow Is The Colour of Her EyesSoccor Mommy
  • Hymn for HimHetty Kate
  • Shadow TownSleater-Kinney
  • Get Out!Big Scary
  • The Hungry GhostThe Cure
  • You're So CoolJonathon Bree
  • I put a spell on youSophie hunger
  • Dancing On GravesCash Savage and The Last Drinks
  • Autum SweaterYo la tengo
  • Soft EnergyMermaidens
  • Mad WorldWarhaus
  • The spookDaniel Johnston
  • She's Not ThereThe Zombies
  • I Need Somebody To Love TonightSylvester

About this program

A penchant for the weird and mysterious? Spooky and unusual? Tune in to Mystifying Melbourne, a show dedicated to exploring the more quirky and oft-overlooked aspects of Melbourne/VIC.