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Award-winning street photographer Jesse Marlow joins Aisha to chat about his new book "Second City". A stunning collection of black and white photographes of Melbourne taken from 1998-2004, on the cusp of the digital age; Aisha then explores the fake photographs of UK's "Cottingley Fairies" in a mini-deep dive.

Playlist for Mystifying Melbourne – 11 June 2021
  • Wasted in the SunHunters and Collectors
  • Can anyone be hypnotised?Icecream Hands
  • So ClearGrinding Eyes
  • ThunderThe Mavis's
  • CrashingGersey
  • Noah's ArkestraMountains Is The Sky
  • ACT I : Sea Borne - Liberator Of Minds - Dance Of The BacchantesDead Can Dance
  • Evening BreezeAdrian Von Ziegler
  • Sweet Mellow DDanika
  • LunaIniko
  • Photography of a GhostLighthouse in the Darkness
  • Black AcresElysian Fields
  • My loveKovacs

About this program

A penchant for the weird and mysterious? Spooky and unusual? Tune in to Mystifying Melbourne, a show dedicated to exploring the more quirky and oft-overlooked aspects of Melbourne/VIC.