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16 May 2019

Max Headroom – 16 May 2019

Charlie Miller compiles an introductory dive into the many intriguing sounds of the contemporary South Korean music scene.

9 May 2019

Max Headroom – 9 May 2019

Kate Reid takes us on a psychedelic trip through the strange and wonderful world of acid folk with Adam Cole of local band Trappist Afterland.

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2 May 2019

Max Headroom – 2 May 2019

David Adams talks to Hugh Cornwell, legendary songwriter and guitarist of the Stranglers, on the eve of his solo Australian tour. 

25 April 2019

Max Headroom – 25 April 2019

An episode of Max Headroom on 25 April 2019

18 April 2019

Max Headroom – 18 April 2019

Justin Cantrell explores the ideas surrounding Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental and New Age Music from 1980 to 1990. 

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11 April 2019

Max Headroom – 11 April 2019

Flick Ford lends an ear to strange pairings of sound and image in contemporary cinema.

4 April 2019

Max Headroom – 4 April 2019

It's a Kick Like A Girl end-of-season takeover! Join Kirby Fenwick, writer and the creator of the AFLW audio documentary The First Friday in February, Chyloe Kurdas AFLW expert and commentator, and…

28 March 2019

Max Headroom – 28 March 2019

Sam Cummins celebrates the 5th birthday of Brisbane independent label Tenth Court Records

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21 March 2019

Max Headroom – 21 March 2019

Craig Kamber celebrates the life of Anthony O'Grady, co-founder and editor of RAM, Rock Australia Magazine.

14 March 2019

Max Headroom – 14 March 2019

Tom Martin presents an introduction to and celebration of the legendary Houston icon - DJ Screw.

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