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Byte Into IT – 18 November 2020

Nicola Nye from FastMail talks about scams in the time of COVID. Plus, the crew catch up with The Lab Network.

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Byte Into IT – 11 November 2020

The crew chat to Tan Le, former Young Australian of the Year and Emotiv Systems co-founder.

Byte Into IT – 4 November 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 4 November 2020

Byte Into IT – 28 October 2020

The crew chat to AustCyber CEO Michelle Price and Lynda Cavanagh, National Node Manager and founder of Australian Cyber Week's Hackathon.

Byte Into IT – 21 October 2020

Jess Wilson, National Director of Good Things Foundation, tells us about Get Online Week. Running from 19 to25 October, the annual campaign aims to support the 2.5 million Australians who are not online…

Byte Into IT – 14 October 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 14 October 2020

Byte Into IT – 7 October 2020

The crew explore the hybrid threats that could manipulate the US election outcome and upcoming games event Restart The World, happening as part of Melbourne International Games Week, running 3 to 10 October.

Byte Into IT – 30 September 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 30 September 2020

Byte Into IT – 23 September 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 23 September 2020

Byte Into IT – 16 September 2020

Jenny Kennedy, co-author of the new book The Smart Wife: Why Siri, Alexa And Other Smart Home Devices Need A Feminist Reboot, joins the show.

Byte Into IT – 9 September 2020

The crew interview Aun Ngo, Community Lead at StartSpace, and Meeum founder Sam Hemphill.

Byte Into IT – 2 September 2020

Monash Uni's Johan Lidberg discusses Facebook threatening to remove news from its platforms. Plus, Vanessa Rauland, CEO and founder of ClimateClever, tells us about their suite of apps that measure carbon at schools…

Byte Into IT – 26 August 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 26 August 2020

Byte Into IT – 19 August 2020

UNSW's Professor Andrea Morello tells us about introducing the world’s first undergrad degree in quantum engineering; and Anson Parker, head of product at Up Bank, explains the evolution of open banking.

Byte Into IT – 12 August 2020

The crew chat to author Emily J Brooks and Elizabeth Croft, Dean of the School of Engineering at Monash University.

Byte Into IT – 5 August 2020

Learn about recycling your old phones, cords and chargers with Spyro Kalos, manager of Mobile Muster.

Byte Into IT – 29 July 2020

Monash media lecturer Verity Trott explores how people are expressing their emotions online during COVID.

Byte Into IT – 22 July 2020

The crew catch up with Dr Emily van der Nagel, co-author of the book Sex & Social Media, and Dr James Meese from RMIT's School of Communication about the Australian Consumer Data…

Byte Into IT – 15 July 2020

Ron Curry, CEO of Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, joins the show.

Byte Into IT – 8 July 2020

We hear from Dr John Söderbaum, Chair of ATSE’s Energy Forum, and Bushfire Volunteers Executive Officer Darren Brown.

Byte Into IT – 1 July 2020

The team catch up with Dr Lennon Chang and Dr Katharine Kemp.

Byte Into IT – 24 June 2020

Megan Elizabeth, founder of the Bellish knitting app, catches up with the crew.

Byte Into IT – 17 June 2020

Dr. Belinda Barnet discusses Facebook employees' virtual walkout in protest at Facebook leadership's inaction on misleading and inflammatory social media posts from Donald Trump.

Byte Into IT – 10 June 2020

Senior law lecturer Dr Sarah Moulds explores how facial recognition software is making a slow creep into our lives.

Byte Into IT – 3 June 2020

Professor Chris Bain from Monash University tells us how the COVID-19 crisis has hastened the introduction of telehealth tech, and Beth AQ discusses applications for the Wheeler Centre's Signal Boost 2020 mentorship program.

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Byte Into IT – 27 May 2020

Sacha Molitorisz gives us the lowdown on his book 'Net Privacy: How We Can Be Free In An Age Of Surveillance'.

Byte Into IT – 20 May 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 20 May 2020

Byte Into IT – 13 May 2020

Sue Karzis, CEO of State Schools’ Relief, disucsses SSR re-allocating their funding to assist state school students manage with remote learning during COVID. Plus, the team catch up with Chad Toprak, Director of…

Byte Into IT – 6 May 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 6 May 2020

Byte Into IT – 29 April 2020

Chandika Jayasundara discusses Creatley, a charting, diagramming and visual canvas tool to assist people working remotely.

Byte Into IT – 22 April 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 22 April 2020

Byte Into IT – 15 April 2020

Dr Steven Conway, Senior Lecturer and Course Director for Games & Interactivity at Swinburne, tells us about the NBN’s speed, reliability, and congestion issues; then Associate Professor Rashina Hoda from Monash discusses 'agile…

Byte Into IT – 8 April 2020

The crew chat with the team behind BikeSpot 2020 about their safe cycling map of Victoria. Also, the Cortical Labs team tell us about their amazing tech, and Denham Sadler discusses COVID-19 tracking.

Byte Into IT – 1 April 2020

Kobi Leins discusses their article 'AI: It's Time For The Law To Respond'. nd

Byte Into IT – 25 March 2020

Cicada Innovations’ CEO Sally-Ann William discusses the company's move into food production and supply.

Byte Into IT – 18 March 2020

Wray Buntine, Professor of Data Science and AI, and Dr Debbie Scott from Turning Point join the show.

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Byte Into IT – 11 March 2020

Kate Mannell from Melbourne Uni's School of Culture & Communication talks about the etiquette of text messaging.

Byte Into IT – 4 March 2020

The team talk to Kati Elizabeth and GUCK, the team behind the climate denier Chrome extension, and Josh Jessop-Smith who discusses Loki Foundation’s secure/meta-data free messaging app.

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Byte Into IT – 26 February 2020

Sigfredo Fuentes, Associate Professor in Digital Agriculture, Food and Wine, discusses beer-sniffing robots.

Byte Into IT – 19 February 2020

An episode of Byte Into IT on 19 February 2020