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Presented by Mia : )

Playlist for Back and Forth – 20 March 2021
  • AdoreI:Cube
  • BALANCEYoshinori Sunahara
  • Digital 4A GroovePilgrims of the Mind
  • Rebuild RechargeYUF-O
  • Acid LeafGrim Beazley
  • We Came in Peace ('91 Mix)Dance to Trance
  • Syzygy (Scissor Me)Jennifer Loveless
  • Magic Sunset St.Yoshinori Sunahara
  • Erupts LikeD/F/S
  • DribbleMary Lake
  • Forrest DwellerRudolf C
  • ScallopsAndras
  • I Think I KnowMijk Van Dijk
  • NumbersKraftwerk
  • Point ZeroThe Source Experience
  • New Life Third Eye
  • This Better WorthJurango
  • Revolution 909Daft Punk
  • FlyingJo

About this program

Mia and Tess take turns presenting music that brings us together, bridging the gap between staying in and going out... but mostly staying in