Back and Forth program image
Playlist for Back and Forth – 28 November 2020
  • ArrivalDomenique Dumont
  • Slow StepperKhan
  • Sirius MysteryFantastic Man, Adam Halliwell, Edd Fisher
  • NorthstarMousse
  • Stylish TantrumRoza Terenzi
  • 1024Yu Su
  • Son of a BubbalubaRenegade Soundwave
  • Dreamworld SyncrasyIn2stellar, Mike Callander
  • A Dream Dank CellWRX
  • Sonic AdminPsiota
  • Little Fluffy CloudsThe Orb
  • Montok PointWilliam Orbit
  • SimulateE Davd
  • Oops I (Regfant Refizz)Regularfantasy
  • HystericMy Man
  • JumboUnderworld
  • RiverOcto Octa
  • Big Beat ManifestoEden Burns
  • MeltLeftfield

About this program

Mia and Tess take turns presenting music that brings us together, bridging the gap between staying in and going out... but mostly staying in