Listen to After trading one crisis for another, how are the scars of the summer bushfires healing during the COVID-19 pandemic?50:3620 July 2020

Kulja Coulston flies solo on this week's episode of The Grapevine. She speaks with Tracee Hutchison, Partnerships & Projects Manager at the Community Broadcasting Foundation, about the Trauma Literacy and Resilience program for community broadcasters in fire-affected communities; a joint project between the CBF and the DART centre for Journalism & Trauma.

And Anthea Batsakis Deputy Energy & Environment Editor at the Conversation gets on the line to discuss the lasting impacts of the summer bushfires being tracked via an interactive ‘Flora, Fauna & Fire’ mapping project put together by The Conversation.

Then, Peter Hurley, Education Policy Fellow at the Mitchell Institute, breaks down the government’s announced JobTrainer package and the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on the tertiary & higher education sectors.

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