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The Grapevine - 18 December 2023

Alice Mathieu talks to El Gibbs, an award-winning writer on disability and social issues about the newly released NDIS review.

Alice also speaks to adaptation scientist, Dr. Johanna Nalau, on the urgency of…


The Free Palestine Melbourne Movement, Noisy Bird-Neighbours, and Indonesian History Sister Shows

Host Kirby Fary fills in for Dylan and chats to Michael Shaik, a member of Free Palestine Melbourne, about his decades-long activism and how supporters can avoid burnout.

La Trobe University PhD candidate…


Priya Nadesalingam on Home to Biloela, the role of teachers in crises, and the best speeches of 2023

On 2023’s final episode of The Grapevine, Dylan is joined by Priya Nadesalingam and journalist Rebekah Holt to chat about their new book Home to Biloela, which chronicles Priya and her family’s…


Assange update, robo-debt recommendations and emergency response to mental distress

Dylan is joined by Julian Assange’s father John Shipton to update on the campaign to free his son, following lawmakers lobbying US President Joe Biden to withdraw the extradition request and halt all…


Stay Woke, Infrastructure Shuffle, Words and 'Block the Dock' Protesting Arms Exports to Israel

University of Melbourne Journalism Lecturer and Writer Jeff Sparrow discusses his latest research, tracking the use of the word ‘woke’ in Australian media: how did the term become an effective shorthand for political…


Unlawful Detention, Weapons Litigation, Carbon Credit Critiques and Dr Pub's PhD

Dylan is joined by human rights lawyer and Refugee Legal Executive Director, David Manne, to talk about the “new dawn” in Australia’s indefinite detention laws: will a new precedent be set after the…


China-Australia Relations, Dog Parks and Free Literary Events

Dylan is joined by journalist and Inside Story publisher Mark Baker to discuss the future of Australia’s relationship with China following Albanese’s recent visit to Beijing.

University of Melbourne Professor in Urban Planning…


Drug Checking, Escalation in Gaza and Hiding Prime Ministers

Judith Peppard talks to drug policy expert Dr Monica Barratt about the need for a Victorian drug checking and early warning system, in line with recommendations from the Coroners Court.

Journalist Antony Loewenstein…


Bushfire concerns, New Zealand’s election, Bandcamp sold and Normie Rowe comes home

Dylan is joined by Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth to look ahead to Australia's bushfire season, and the ‘shifting baseline syndrome’ phenomenon discussed in his recent blog post.

Journalist and author…


Caring for our wellbeing, the Israel-Hamas conflict, and Australian kids TV

Dylan is joined by psychologist Chris Cheers, author of ‘The New Rulebook’, to discuss ways we can take care of ourselves and others amid intense news and difficult times.

Journalist and author Antony…

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Putting local issues in a global context, including weekly insights into our cities, democracy, rights, culture, energy and environment. All stitched together with a mixtape of music.

Regular guests and segments include: urban planning and history with Assoc/Prof David Nichols; Cam Walker's eco-update; Guardian Australia reporter Benita Kolovos on Victorian state politics; Jeff Sparrow on politics, society, and everything in between; freedom of information correspondent Petra Stock, and live music.

Program theme: Hugh Masekala's Grazing in the Grass

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