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The Wellbeing Agenda, What Now For The Republic and Female Frontline Journalists, Through Her Eyes.

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan discuss the Wellbeing Agenda with VCOSS CEO, Emma King, in regards to policy for housing, homelessness and the rising cost of living. Jeff Sparrow…


True Crime Podcast Ethics, Friends of the Earth & Priorities for The Victorian Music Industry.

On this episode of The Grapevine Kulja and Dylan talk to Siobhan McHugh, Honorary Associate Professor, University of Sydney, about the ethics of true crime podcasting following the guilty verdict of Chris Dawson…


State Politics, Uber Air and The Forum for Dwelling Justice.

Dylan is back this week and joins Kulja to discuss the upcoming State Election with Benita Kolovos, VIctorian State Correspondent for Guardian Australia; Regular guest on The Grapevine, FOI Correspondent Petra Stock reports…


Renew Economy, Medicare Bulk-billing Inequality & Refugee Reform

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja flies solo with Dylan away for the week. She discusses new environmental and clean energy action with Giles Parkinson, Editor of Renew Economy; Stephanie Convery, Inequality…


New government, new emissions target?

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan are joined by Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth to discuss the adequacy of the new Labor government's 43 percent emissions reduction target.


Woke Capitalism, Ukraine foreign fighters and the new Marcos Presidency

This week on The Grapevine things get international.

Crikey's Amber Shchultz talks about her reporting on the Ukraine War - particularly around foreign fighters who've accused Ukraine of corruption and mismanagement. Nicole Curato…


Inala Cooper's personal exploration of Aboriginal identity

On this episode of The Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan get on the line with Inala Cooper, director of Murrup Barak, The Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development at Melbourne Uni, to talk about her…


Why Is Australia So Infatuated With The USA?

On this episode of the Grapevine, Kulja and Dylan get on the line with Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies, Hugh White, to talk about Australia's America-centric approach to strategic policy in the Indo-pacific…


Freedom of Information, the housing crisis and the energy market

Petra Stock provides a progress update on her Freedom of Information research and reporting. Petra digs into the details of remote learning and teaching environments during the pandemic.

VCOSS CEO Emma King breaks…


What will Parliamentary representation, Pacific relations and Press Freedom look like under Labor?

On this episode of The Grapevine, Dylan gets on the line with the CEO of the Grattan Institute, Danielle Wood, to discuss the gender balance in parliament as the newly elected Labor Government…

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Putting local issues in a global context, including weekly insights into our cities, democracy, rights, culture, energy and environment. All stitched together with a mixtape of music.

Regular guests and segments include: Reading Room with Sally Rippin; urban history with Dr David Nichols; Cam Walker's eco-update and live music.

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