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Covid-19 welfare payments & stimulus packages, who’s really benefiting, and will it be enough?

On this episode of The Grapevine Emma Dawson, Executive Director at Per Capita is back to discuss the Australian Federal Government effectively doubling the Jobseeker Allowance through “rescue packages” in response to the…


Oil and espionage, silencing a whistle-blower and his legal council.

Despite threats of jail time, Bernard Collaery, representative of Witness K, has published his book Oil Over Troubled Water: Australia's Timor Sea Intrigue and phoned in to The Grapevine to unpack his legal…


Why were there protests in the streets of Malaysia over the recent election?

On this episode of The Grapevine Judith Peppard fills in for Dylan Bird and Koujla Coulston

James Chin, Professor of Asian Studies at the University of Tasmania explains the political implications of the…


Australian police departments using controversial facial recognition software - Clearview AI, what does does this mean?

On this episode of The Grapevine Hannah Ryan from Buzzfeed News comes in to share what she’s learned about Clearview AI – controversial facial recognition software being used by Australia’s police forces and…


Can we engineer our way out of the climate crisis?

Graham Hunter, National Co-Coordinator of the Climate Change Program at the United Nations Association of Australia, discusses the film Global Thermostat screening at Transitions Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia and what geo-engineering technologies…


The Grapevine - 17 February 2020

On this episode of The Grapevine, George Megolagenis talks about his article in The Good Weekend regarding Melbourne becoming Australia’s largest city. Infrastructure upgrades abound but what does this mean for Melbourne’s influence…


The Grapevine - 10 February 2020

On this episode of The Grapevine, Chief Executive Officer and Dean of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, Ken Smith, discusses his essay 'Remembering Who You Report To' in Griffith


The Grapevine - 3 February 2020

On this episode of The Grapevine, academic at UNSW and author of Corporate Power in Australia: Do the 1% Rule? Dr Lindy Edwards, shares her research into how corporate interests are compromising…


The Grapevine - 9 December 2019

Kulja and Dylan chat with Associate Professor in Urban Planning at The University of Melbourne Dave Nichols for his monthly segment to wrap the year in urban planning issues, spanning construction headaches, level…


The Grapevine - 2 December 2019

This week Kulja and Dylan speak to author and former Triple R Breakfaster Jeff Sparrow about his book Fascists Among Us: Online Hate and the Christchurch Massacre - an enlightening account of what…

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