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Coal, Climate, and COVID-19 - Why are experts raising concerns over the Government’s approach to economic recovery?

On this episode of The Grapevine La Trobe University's Emeritus Professor Judith Brett, tells Kulja and Dylan how a nation can suffer from being rich in natural resources and explains how Australia can…


Unpacking and exploring Australia's law enforcement and racial profiling issues

As the outrage over police brutality towards minorities and the call for accountability intensifies globally, Dylan and Kulja speak to journalist and documentary-filmmaker Santilla Chingaipe, about the current state of police conduct towards…


Why is the Government exploring a gas-lead recovery from a pandemic recession?

On this episode of The Grapevine, Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth gets on the line with Kulja and Dylan to discuss the likelihood of a gas-lead recovery from pandemic recession, Friends…


Inaction on climate change by private companies deserves greater scrutiny

Kulja Coulston flies solo on this week's edition of the grapevine, chatting with Market Forces' Asset Management campaigner, Will Van De Pol about how companies like Rio Tinto have come under pressure for…


Where is humanity on the road to global nuclear disarmament?

This week on The Grapevine, Co-President of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear (ICAN), Associate Professor Tilman Ruff, explains the global efforts towards global denuclearization in their report, ‘Enough is Enough…


The life and impact of Jack Mundey on activism in Australia.

This week on The Grapevine, professor Verity Burgmann, adjunct professor of politics in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, talks to Dylan and Kulja about the life and influence of Jack…


What is Labor’s official stance on migration policy?

This week on The Grapevine, writer, researcher, and author, Peter Mares, gets on the line with Kulja and Dylan to explain Labor’s rhetoric shift on migration he explored in his article ‘Labor’s…


Why do we find tactile comfort in objects during times of stress and heartache?

This week on The Grapevine, award winning author Tony Birch reflects on his essay, ‘Things of Stone and Wood and Wool’, published in The Griffith Review and finding solace from grief in…


How is COVID-19 affecting asylum seekers in immigration detention?

This week on The Grapevine, David Manne, Executive Director at Refugee Legal, discusses the legal challenge filed in the high court on behalf of a refugee at covid-19 risk in immigration detention and…


Should the Federal Government have the power to track suspected COVID-19 carriers?

On this episode of The Grapevine, is the Federal Governments COVID-19 tracking app a step too far? Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Lecturer in School of Computing & Information Systems at the University of Melbourne…

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