Listen to Flinders Pier, Ningaloo Reef, and will try to not talk like pirates for a solid harrrrrgggh!*45:4419 September 2021

This week Bron, Kade and Captain Trash take you to Flinders Pier, Ningaloo Reef, and will try to not talk like pirates for a solid harrrrrgggh!*…
• Jo Richards and Michael Sams join us from Parks Victoria for an update on the proposed works at Flinders Pier, including findings from a report commissioned to determine the impacts from the proposed works on the local marine environment including the resident seadragons and nearby seagrass beds. We’ll also take a look at what’s planned in the months ahead.
• Paul Gamblin is the Director of Protect Ningaloo for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and will speak about the proposed Gascoyne Gateway industrial port in Exmouth Gulf, and some big concerns about risks to humpback whale mothers and calves from what is proposed.
• We’ll cover the latest in wet ‘n salty news from over the last couple of weeks, including:
o the positive impact citizen scientists are having in restoring endangered seagrass on mooring scars in Port Stephens, NSW
o the extraordinary footage of a humpback whale feeding frenzy off the NSW Sapphire Coast in Bermagui
o a new report about the relationship between the Black Summer fires and massive phytoplankton blooms in the Southern Ocean
o a fabulous upcoming webinar called ‘Treasures of the Deep’ by Museums Victoria

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PS Cliff has been out and about in sunny Antarctica assisting Maddie Ovens with some Antarctic marine science – check out these images (reposted with permission)!

*Captain Trash permitted to talk like a pirate as long as he wants.

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