Listen to Crabapalooza 2020 and Plastic Free July challenge.46:3014 June 2020

Party’s over folks – the annual migration of the spider crabs is done and dusted for another year. So what were the highlights and lowlights of Crabapalooza 2020? We’ll speak with PT Hirschfield (Spider Crabs Melbourne) and Jacqui Younger (Spider Crab Alliance) about the spectacular 2020 migration event, their underwater and terrestrial observations of the human response to this annual phenomenon, and their groups’ plans from now until the 2021 migration. Got a question or observation of your own about Spider Crabs 2020? Post it here and we’ll try to address it on the show tomorrow.

Fam preps us for the upcoming Plastic Free July challenge.

And then, during the week, Bron asked Jeff Maynard to look at the 1960s TV show ‘Namor – The Submariner’. Jeff reports it took him to a dark place. Maybe Soundwaves won’t save the world this time.

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