Listen to Radio Marinara - 9 June 201943:119 June 2019

Bron and Dr Surf talk eco-friendly surf wax, orcas in the bay, and cleaning up Frankston Beach. We’ll speak with Bianca Julicher, young local surfer who has has created and set up a market for environmentally friendly surf wax, whilst also battling sexism in surfing. We catch up with Dave Donnelly from Killer Whales Australia, now off the CSIRO Investigator and gearing up to launch into whale watching season. Dave will tell us about a new whale watching app, reports of orcas in Port Phillip Bay, and the upcoming Whale Festival on Phillip Island. We’ll speak with Hannah Tait from Action for Dolphins, a marine conservation organisation involved in organising next weekend’s Frankston Beach Clean-up Festival along with Frankston Beach Patrol and Sea Shepherd. Plus a surf report from Dr Surf, and the annual phenomenon of the spider crabs – they’re baaaaaack!

About this program

The team continues the great Marinara tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine. Get to know all things wet and salty.

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