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Einstein A Go-Go - 10 May 2015

On today's show Dr Shane is joined by Chris KP in the studio.

First Guest: Dr Elizabeth Vincan - Head of the the Cancer Biology lab at University of Melbourne (Anatomy and Neuroscience…


Einstein A Go-Go - 3 May 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Ray, Dr Catherine and Chris KP talk about hyper-redundant arms, air pollution's effect on pregnancy, additional insights into how bats navigate, and exciting imminent results from space probes.

The team…


Einstein A Go-Go - 26 April 2015

Dr Lauren, Dr Ray and Dr Jen join Dr Shane in the studio. In news - how we measure time needs fine-tuning via atomic clocks; artificial photosynthesis; Epigenetics can identify differences in DNA…


Einstein A Go-Go - 19 April 2015

EAGG 19th April 2015

Hosts: Dr Krystal, Dr, Kathryn, Dr Jen, Dr Shane

News items: The possible origins of antibacterial resistance, How does the skeletal muscles respond to a high fat diet?, New…


Einstein A Go-Go - 12 April 2015

On this week's episode Dr Shane and the team discuss dormant hair follicles, the resurrection of the brontosaurus, determining causes for population height change and the economics of reinvigorating ancient canal systems.



Einstein A Go-Go - 5 April 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Chromo, Emily P & Dr Ray discuss the lunar eclipse; Autism Awareness Month and inflammitary diseases, and possible links with bleach and food additives; the NASA Swift Satellite's 10 year…


Einstein A Go-Go - 29 March 2015

Dr Shane and Dr Crystal discuss the 'Value of Science' and how it's more to the average person than just free Wifi and GPS. Followed by possibly the ultimate control experiment spanning over…


Einstein A Go-Go - 22 March 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Jen, Dr Ray and Dr Catherine discuss ultrasound technology to treat Alzheimer's disease, how brain chemistry relates to empathy, quasicrystals in meteorites and the mars one project.

First guest: Dr…


Einstein A Go-Go - 15 March 2015

Dr Chromo and Dr Ray join Dr Shane in the studio.In news: the jury is back in on homeopathy - it doesn't work.Australian science made it into Nature this week for not funding…


Einstein A Go-Go - 8 March 2015

EAGG 8th March 2015

Hosts: Dr Shane, Dr Krystal, Dr Lauren, Chris KP.

News items: Welcome to International Womens Day, The effect of federal funding cuts, Researchers have found a new fossil in…


Einstein A Go-Go - 1 March 2015

On this week's show, Dr Shane, Dr Lauren and Dr Catherine discuss how precious metals move under the surface of the earth, the perception of colours, light (and dresses), preventing peanut allergies and…


Einstein A Go-Go - 22 February 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Jen and Dr Ray bring you all that's hot in science - parasites that are migrating due to climate change, the Queensland cyclones (with Andrea Peace from the Bureau of…


Einstein A Go-Go - 14 February 2015

On this (retrospective Valentines Day) episode Dr Shane, Dr Lauren, Dr Catherine and Chris KP talk eye research and contact lenses that help people with macular degeneration, research that talks about back pain…


Einstein A Go-Go - 8 February 2015

Dr Shane, Dr Krystal, Dr Jen and Chris KP sprint back into the studio for the first action packed show of the year. They kick off with some fun science news on how…


Einstein A Go-Go - 21 December 2014

It is the lost episode of 2014! This was the last show of last year, and in a way it's a good intro for those who are wanting their fix of 2015 EAGG…


Einstein A Go-Go - 14 December 2014

Dr Shane, Dr Krystal and Chris KP go back in time for this penultimate episode. The theme of the show is to "take three items back in time" that could positively influence future…


Einstein A Go-Go - 7 December 2014

Dr Lauren and Dr Krystal join Dr Shane in the studio, they're also joined by Dr Katherine.Professor Sharon Lewin, Melburnian of the year 2014 - on the line from Mexico discussing HIV prevention…


Einstein A Go-Go - 30 November 2014

Einstein A Go Go - 30th November

Andrea from the BOM, Dr Lauren, Chris KP, Dr Shane and Liv on Twitter.

News Items: New weather reporting methods, The mechanics in drinking of cats…


Einstein A Go-Go - 23 November 2014

This week Dr Shane, Dr Krystal and Dr Jennifer Henry talk about comparing genomes, behavioral changes in the children of stressed parents and how to manage a probe when it's orbiting Pluto.



Einstein A Go-Go - 16 November 2014

Dr Shane, Dr Jen and Dr Lauren bring you... science! Biodegradeable drones, Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches being operated by remote control, the Philae landing on comet 67P/C-G, and the Australian Weather Calendar 2015.