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Einstein A Go Go - 11th September 2020 - scorpions, sodium battery and urban sprawl.

On the program this week are Drs Jen, Euan and Shane and ChrisKP who discuss what's been in the news:

Racism in cities affects biodiversity also, Chocolate brownie location in nature and fonts…


Happy Birthday Dr. Shane

Dr Shane (on his birthday!) is joined by colleagues Dr Ray, Dr Laura and Dr Linden, as well as an array of guests, including author Claire Saxby & Reptile Biologist Dr Georgia Ward-Fear…


Comet Auroras, Milking spiders and Mass Extinctions

Four Science Communications students from the University of Melbourne take over the show from Dr Shane and Dr Jen. Among the science stories presented this week include squirrels and their macabre form of…


Monuments, Lyrebirds, and Ig Nobles

Dr Jayne Rantall from La Trobe University talks about monuments and memorials built as symbols of reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and settlers; Alex Maisey, also from La Trobe, discusses leading a new study…


Glaciers, Mutant Mice, and Back to the Futurism

Professor Andrew Mackintosh from Monash University talks about greenhouse gas emissions and the increased melting of glaciers; and in weekly science news, topics explored include rust on the moon, mutant mice in space…


Bigger sharks, better nutrition and environmental inspiration through fiction

Rove McManus, Nature Book Week Ambassador, joins the team to highlight this new initiative from the Wilderness Society; Dr. Barbara Cardoso from Monash University shares tips on alcohol, nutrition and dietary habits during…


Einstein A Go Go - 30th August 2020 - Radiothon Pt 2

This week is RRR's Radiothon's second weekend and Dr Shane is in the studio with the rest of the team online who discuss what's been in the news over the last 30 years:


Radiothon 2020 & Happy 30th Birthday!

It’s a full house today as Dr Shane is joined in the virtual studio by Dr Ray, Chris KP, Dr Linden, Euan, Dr Lauren, Dr Krystal, Dr Jen, Dr Ailie, Stacey and Anu…


Jocelyn Bell; and 20 PhDs

Jocelyn Bell; and 20 PhDs
Astrophysicist and discoverer of the first radio pulsars in 1967, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, joins Dr. Shane; and it's another 20 PhDs special, with the following PhD candidates talking…


Professor Brian Schmidt & 30 Years of Einstein announcement

Presenter Dr Shane announces the 30th anniversary celebrations of Einstein A Go-Go and is super excited to talk with Nobel Laureate guest Professor Brian Schmidt from ANU about his career in astrophysics; and…

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