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Feral Horses in the Alpine Region and Revegetating Arid Regions

Dr. Shane is joined by co-presenters Chris KP and Dr Sarah Best to discuss growing plants in lunar soil, sunscreen and coral, and blackholes. Guest Professor Dick Williams from Charles Darwin University explains…


Science and Arts Collaborating, Approaches To Embalming, and Threatened Species

Presenters Dr Shane, Dr Euan and Dr Grace discuss the latest science news, including embalming, burials, and how techniques and approaches to do this have changed over time, as well as current threats…


Outer Space Hibernation, Steel & Ceramics on the Moon, and Indigenous Astronomy

Dr Shane is joined by co-hosts Dr Ray, Dr Linden & Dr Stacy. In science news, they discuss measured productivity of video conferencing compared to in-person meetings, theoretical outer space hibernation, behavioral tendencies…


Brainwave Beers, AI Impressions and Immunology

In science news, we explore how a Locked In Syndrome patient (ALS) communicating via brainwave, requested beer! And in celebration of the upcoming Day of Immunology, we have two immunity physician guests. First…


Covid Policy, Parkinson's Disease, and a Comet We Can Chill About

Professor Nancy Baxter, Head of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Melbourne University, provides a covid global health update, and explores covid policy; Dr Leah Beauchamp from the Florey Institute of…


Climate Mitigation Report, Leeches DNA, Autism Research Centre, Earth Observation

Dr Jasmine Muir, Earth Observation Technical Lead at FrontierSI, discusses satellite earth observation, why it's so important, and how it's useful to Australia. Professor Cheryl Dissanayake, Director and Chair, Olga Tennison Autism Research…


Environmental influence on genomics and health impacts of alcohol

Sarah Cohen-Woods, a Professor of Psychology at Flinders University, talks about the interaction of our genetics with the environment and explores the question of why some people who have a genetic disposition for…


Diagnostic Errors and Modifying Space for Autistic Learners

Professor Tim Senden from the Australian National University discusses the bridges between physics and chemistry in the microscopic world; Dr Mary Dahm, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Communication in Health Care. also from…


Antarctic Climate Science, Vaccine Delivery and Quantum Biology

Dr Felicity McCormack has 'the best job in the world' and we agree it sounds pretty cool! Hear what glaciologists do to predict how climate change impacts Antarctic ice melt and future sea…


WISA, Post-Apocalypse Creatures, Takethejump.

Dr. Shane is joined by co-presenters Graci, Dr Jen and Dr Euan to discuss using GE to stop the spread of invasive mosquitoes; studies of how large animals impact climate; and the discovery…

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Dr Shane chats with Psychologist Emma-Rose Parsons from Spectrum House about teacher and school staff mental health as we approach the start of the school year and a return to face-to-face learning.

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