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Visual Snow Syndrome and Preserving Native Fish Species

The team discuss bees collecting poo, the weight of human existence, and an update on Tasmanian devil cancer. They speak with Associate Professor Joanne Fielding from Monash, about the rare eye disorder Visual…


Rodent Menstruation, Space Technology, and Preterm Babies.

Jarrod McKenna from the School of Clinical Science at Monash University discusses his PHD research into biology of the world’s only known menstruating rodent; Dr Atul Malhotra from the Early Neurodevelopment Clinic at…


An hour with Professor Tim Flannery

In this special edition of Einstein A Go Go, Professor Tim Flannery joins Dr Shane for an hour-long open conversation about climate change and global issues. Professor Flannery has recently released his new…


20 PhDs!

Dr Shane speaks with 20 PhD candidates from Australia and overseas, discussing their research fields. Topics range from using the decoy effect with bees, plants finding mating partners, mental illness, diabetes, earthquakes, Aphasia…


Concussion, Temperature Measurement and James Webb Telescope.

In the studio this week are Drs Krystal, Lauren, Linden and Shane who discuss what's been in the news:

AI determines which brown bear is this, and wild labs collaboration, a new data…


RMIT Researchers Special

In science news, the team explore the diabolical beetle, body temperatures; and developing augmented reality for space. They chat to RMIT researchers Associate Professor Kate Fox about being a Superstar of STEM; PhD…


Politics in science, CRISPR, and the Sepsis Gene

Dr Nathan Chang and Rahman Daiyan reveal that Australia is in prime position to take advantage of the green hydrogen revolution, with its great solar resource and potential for export. The Nobel Prize…


Stem Cells, Antibacterial Superheroes, and Asteroid Probe

Madison Paton from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute talks about new trials into the use of cell therapies for cerebral palsy; Dr Hamish McWilliam from the Doherty Institute explores new research into…


Science film special with Terry Virts

NASA astronaut and former shuttle pilot, Terry Virts, talks about his favourite science and space films that bring real (ish) space to the living room: from The Right Stuff to Apollo 11, and…


Scorpions, Sodium Battery and Urban Sprawl

On the program this week are Drs Jen, Euan and Shane and ChrisKP who discuss what's been in the news:

Racism in cities affects biodiversity also, Chocolate brownie location in nature and fonts…

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