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Vaccine Management, Light Pollution, and Scientific Retractions

Associate Professor Margie Danchin from Royal Children’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne, discusses the science behind vaccine schedules and how parents with vaccine concerns can be managed; Dr Anne Aulsebrook from La…


Einstein A Go Go - 19th July 2020 - World Brain Day - Malaria - David Greybeard Art

In the studio this week are Drs Laura, Krystal, Anu and Shane who discuss what's been in the news:

Competitive eating and changes in physiology, Mitochondrial genome editing, and the UAE sending a…


Ketamine, Gravitational Waves, Hummingbirds, and Mosquitoes

Description: Dr Amie Hayley from Swinburne University explores the use of ketamine as a viable treatment for patients in surgical environments; Dr Eric Howe from the University of WA talks about an exciting…


Round #3 20 PhDs in 20 minutes

Dr Shane presents round 3 of 20 PhDs in 20 minutes.


Sea Ice, Bandicoots, and Cardio-Vascular Disease

Earth scientist Dr Zoe Thomas talks about the role that sea ice plays in managing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels; Reproductive Biologist Marissa Parrott from Zoos Victoria discusses the release of six Eastern Barred…


Light Pollution, Wearable Tech and Space Exploration

Dr Shane speaks with Anu Rajendran from Deakin University about space exploration; Dr Yona Nebel-Jacobsen from Monash University talks about isotope dating of rocks; and Professor Benjamin Thierry from University of South Australia…


Myrtle Rust, Hospital Food, Bushfires

Rod Fencham from the Queensland Herbarium talks about the myrtle rust disease which has virtually wiped out the population of native guava trees along the east coast of Australia; Jorja Collins from Monash…


Einstein A Go Go - 7th June 2020 - Pulsars, Megafauna and Felixer.

This week Drs Linden, Ray, Laura and Shane who discuss what's been in the news:

The link between baldness and covid-19, Which fish are better for reef ecology, and An antibaterial spray to…


Sea birds, Malaria, and Meteorites

Dr Shane speaks with Elodie Camprasse from Deakin University about sea birds; Dr Daniel Fernandez-Ruiz discusses how exactly malaria works and efforts to combat it; and in weekly science news, chronic pain, the…


New solar research, NASA's Perseverance Rover, & Bees Studies

An observational study of bees generates some unexpected results; How COVID-19 is affecting global carbon emissions; Bonnie Teece from UNSW Australian Centre for Astrobiology, discusses the technology of NASA’s soon-to-be-launched Perseverance Rover and…

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