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Fractal Vegetables, Rare Stars, and 'Cracking Covid'

How do you compare contemporary hurricane data with diary entries from 70 years ago? Can you create your own fractal vegetables? This week Dr Lauren, Dr Krystal and Dr Shane explore the big…


Space Hub, COVID effects, Tattoos

In science news, the team explore invasive toxic worms, the relationship of colour to flight and it's implications, how habitat changes fish brains, and the impact of drug pollution on fresh water fish…


Breaking temperature records, particle accelerators and the Delta Variant

Professor Colby Zaph, from Monash University's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, discusses novel molecular mechanisms that control T cell function in mucosal immunity and inflammation; and Dr. Suzie Sheehy, Senior Lecturer in…


Activated T-Cells, Spinal Cord Rehab, and the COVID Cancer Taskforce

In science news, the team chat about giant ice plugs, dragon man in the well, and mongoose birth communal management. Guests include Duncan Wallace, Spinal Cure Executive Director, talking about new trials into…


Venus, Depression treatment and July lectures

Astrophysicist Dr Rebecca Allen from Swinburne University, talks about the new NASA missions to Venus; Kate Gunningham from Epworth Centre for Innovation, discusses her work in a trial investigating a novel non-invasive brain…


Extremophile organisms, exceptional enzymes and the economics of biodiversity

The team explore the messy beauty of AI designed microchips, extremophile organisms that may hold clues to DNA repair, and new enzymes that could break down plastics even in everyday conditions. And special…


Saliva Testing, Galaxies and Nutrition

Drs Shane, Linden, Laura, and Ray discuss science news, including diamonds indicating seismic activity, news on clownfish stripes, and labrador pups understanding humans. Guests include Dr. Georgia Parkin talking about therapeutic lithium applications…


Albert Einstein, Ear Nose and Throat research & Vaccines

Associate Professor Adrian Dyer from RMIT discusses new findings regarding the research of Albert Einstein; Head and neck surgeon Dr Eric Levi shares scientific developments regarding the ear, nose and throat; and Associate…


Kids with Cancer special

Dr Shane talks with Lochie Howcraft, a cancer survivor, and his mother Cassandra about his yearlong experience and treatment in the Royal Children’s Hospital. Joining them in the studio is Cindy Bakos, mother…


Professor Sharon Lewin from the Doherty Institute

Leading infectious diseases expert Professor Sharon Lewin, Director of the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, talks about challenges with treating COVID, and challenges treating HIV.  And in weekly science news, the…

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