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Captain Gene Cernan revisited

Dr. Graci explains how scientists are developing air filtration devices to clear out lingering COVID-19 bacteria; Dr. Shane explains the historical artefacts on display at Melbourne Museum's 'Treasures of the Natural World' exhibition…


Stem Cell Therapy, Brain Cancer Centre, Whale Poo and Climate Summit

Sarah Best and Saskia Freytag, from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI), talk about treatments available at  the new Brain Cancer Centre; Megan Munsie, University of Melbourne, discusses stem cell therapy availability…


Wind, fire, shells and the latest in science!

Dr Mika Peace from the Bureau of Meteorology explains her research into how complex interactions between fires and the atmosphere produces extreme local fire behaviour, as we brace ourselves for another fire season…


COVAX, Vaxxing the World and (more) Deep Sea Creatures

This week Dr Shane talks to Tim Costello, Executive director of Micah Australia, about how to vax the world against Covid. What does Australia’s commitment to COVAX look like, what is the moral…


Naming Insects, Child Mental Health Post-Lockdown and Volcanoes

Dr Bryan Lessard, entomologist at CSIRO, regales us with tales of naming new insects, including the RuPaul soldier fly; Professor Sharon Goldfeld, Paediatrician and Director at the Centre for Community Child Health at…


Earthquakes, Deep Sea Creatures and Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

In the news this week is healthy eating in children, sloths, anthropocene and wilderness. There are two guests: Dr. Caroline Eakin from ANU who discusses earthquakes, Graci Finko who talks about deep sea…


Gut Research, Nutrition and Supermarket Design

Dr Shane is joined by fellow EAGG colleagues Dr. Linden & Dr. Lauren. They discuss fossils, Wigner crystals, identical twins, LaGrange points and trojan asteroids, before being speaking with two special guests: Professor…


Kids, COVID and the Return to School

A solo Dr Shane presents four guests in a special episode focussing on children and COVID-19, and the challenges we will soon face as schools prepare to reopen. Joining the discussion are:



Science Communication Special

New research explains that cats are more stressed in new environments when their owners aren’t with them; Researchers have infused bacteria with silver to improve power efficiency in fuel cells; Scientists have discovered…


TRM Cells, Pneumonia Drug Therapy, Brain Implants and Woolly Mammoths

Susan Christo, Doherty Institute, discusses new research findings in the area of tissue-resident memory cells; and Megan Maher and Christopher McDevitt, also from the Doherty Institute, talk about research into pneumonia and a…

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