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Einstein A Go-Go - 17 November 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Lauren & Dr Euan

It's a busy week in the studio this week with the EAGG team being joined by no less than 4 guests this week.

Dr Simon Corrie…


Einstein A Go Go - 10 November 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Euan, Dr Jen and Chris KP discuss the symbiotic association between fungi and plants; effects of screen time on children; ice surface structure and the effect of airline travel on…


Einstein A Go Go - 3 November 2019

Dr Linden and Dr Ray join Dr Shane in the studio.

In news: Predicting Australian summers from the polar vortex above Antartica; Measuring lateral lightning strikes; Gravitational micro-lensing.

First guest is Associate Professor…


Einstein A Go Go - 27 October 2019

Einstein A Go Go – 27th October 2019

Dr Krystal, Dr Ray & Dr Shane

Science News: Earthworm biodiversity, rats racing cars, scrutinising research funding.

First guest: Dr Christine Keenan, WEHI. Researchers have…


Einstein A Go-Go - 20 October 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Lauren and Linden bring you stories about why cartilage at extremities heal more quickly, how to make cows less attractive to flies.

They interview Richard Fuller OAM, president of Pure…


Einstein A Go-Go - 13th October 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Shane and Linden and Chris KP who discuss what's been in the news:

Dog ownership officially linked to longer life; Paleolithic people kept and preserved deer…


Einstein A Go-Go - 6 October 2019

Dr Shane & Dr Ray

Science news to kick things off; including technological advancements in assist in the prevention of wildfires, the ongoing gift of data from NASA experiments and research techniques into…


Einstein A Go Go - 29 September 2019

Dr Shane and Dr Linden are hosting a special panel of visiting students. Harry, Kate and Danni discuss AI in the medical industry, cat attachment bonds, feeding prehistoric babies, hydrogen production, deep fakes…


Einstein A Go Go - 22 September 2019

Dr Shane, Dr Krystal and Dr Ailie present to discuss today’s theme - How to survive extinction.

In new, 466 million years ago an extra-terrestrial asteroid collision caused an ice age on earth…


Einstein A Go Go - 15 September 2019

Einstein A Go Go - Sunday 15th September 2019

Dr Lauren, Dr Linden and Dr Shane.

First Guest: Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow Director, ARC Green Manufacturing Research Hub…

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