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COVID Symptom Recovery and Global Change Biology

The team speak to Conor McCafferty, Haematology Research, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute about his PhD which focuses on COVID-19 with specific attention to blood-clotting and inflammatory side-effects, and post-recovery symptoms in adults and…


Used face masks, Brains under threat and World memory championships

Dr Mohammad Saberian, RMIT University, tells us about the serious environmental impact from face masks and the proposal to use pandemic waste for road building purposes; Hannah Savage, University of Melbourne, discusses her…


20 PhDs in 20 minutes: 2021

Get ready as Dr Shane blasts through the most exciting and diverse PhDs across the nation, challenging the students tackling them to explain in less time than it takes to get a COVID…


Einstein A Go Go - 14th Mar 2021 - Bees, Vaccines and Galaxies

In the studio this week is ChrisKP and Drs Jen, Euan (online) and Shane who discuss what's been in the news:

sea slugs cut their head off (autotomy), genetics and eye colour and…


Gratification Delay, Micro-dosing, Existentialism.

Dr Shane, Dr Linden, Dr Laura & Stacey discuss cancer resistance seen in large mammals, gratification delay, and micro-dosing research. Dr. Gemma Gransbury from the University of Melbourne shares her findings on single…


Mars Missions, Sustainable Mussels and Rare Diseases

Stacey, Ailie, Anu and Dr Shane discuss the link between Alzheimer’s and gut microbiome. Mars missions and the history of weather forecasting. Dr Tas van Ommen talks to the team about Antarctica’s ice…


Emperor Penguins, Biosensors, and Mars Rover

Barbara Wienecke from the Australian Antarctic Division shares her insights into the lives and behaviours of emperor penguins; Dr. Simon Corrie, Senior Lecturer in the Chemical Engineering Department at ARC Centre for Bio-Nano…


Women in space, Antarctica and Whale songs

Julie McInnes, Australian Antarctic Division, tells us about her experiences of living and working on Macquarie Island; Amy Shira Teitel, a co-host for the Discovery Channel's online DNews channel discusses her new book…


Lifestyle diseases, Antarctic conservation, and cats and dogs

The team discuss mechanisms associated with exercise, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer, with Professor Mark A Febbraio from Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Eden Febbraio, who is contemplating a career of…


Einstein A Go Go - 31st Jan 2021 - Sepsis and Vitamin C, Physiotherapy and Vaccines.

On the show this week are Stacey, Ailie, Anu and Shane who discuss what's been in the news:

Hayabusa 2 and it's asteroid samples, how cubic wombat scat is formed, and how knots…

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