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ALS, Invasive Ants and Kenya's Lions, Aerotrophs

Dr Susie, Dr Euan and Dr Shane talk to guest Dr Paul Gurr from the Dept. Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne about the delicate task of cornea surgery. Currently only 1…


Women's pain, cerebral palsy prevention, and AC joints

Mary-Anne Thomas, Minister for Health, Minister for Health Infrastructure, and Minister for Ambulance Services discusses the Inquity into Women's Pain; Dr Madison Paton, Senior Research Fellow at Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) talks about…


Planet earth, fungal pathogens, deep sea plastics, Mars helicopter, fruit flies

Associate Professor Fabio A. Capitanio, School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University, tells us all about his research into mountain belts and the large earthquakes they host; Dr Harshini Weerasinghe and Dr…


Turbine trouble, matter measurement and space settlements

When Dr Shane is away… the show goes on as normal because it’s very well organised!

This week Chris KP and Dr Susi discussed how an acid in our blood helps determine the…


Arctic adventures, exhibition design and chronic fatigue

Science is vastly more impactful if it is shared, and this week Dr Euan, Dr Jen, and Dr Shane look at the connections between policy, science, and community. Have you ever wondered how…


Stop vaping, anti-venoms, brain folding, and concussions

Presenter Dr Shane brings the latest science news; Professor Claire Wakefield, Director, Collaborate Against Cancer Initiative, at the Minderoo Foundation talks about the dangers of vaping and shows campaigning efforts to stop young…


Awkwardness, renewable energy, and increasing eye energy to fight glaucoma

Dr Shane is joined by Chris KP, Scarlett, and Graci from Texas, sharing science news about unique animal smells, how hummingbirds negotiate small spaces, and exciting solutions to manage methane emissions from solid…


Environmental impacts of food production, sea-bird behaviours, and Retinitis pigmentosa

Dr Shane is joined this week by EAGG colleague Dr Suzi. As well as science news, the team is joined by an eclectic mix of guests. Dr Michalis Hadjikakou Deakin University, discusses the…


Cancer Therapies, Prem Babies and Penguins

Hosts: Dr Ailee, Dr Scarlet and Dr Shane.
News Items: Spooktacular Space: Things that go bump in the night, glacial bubble spa, animal menopause.
1st guest: Amy Winship PhD, ARC DECRA Fellow, Department…


FameLab competition Finalists, Cancer Treatment, Reproductive Disorders, Space Mining, Brain Injury

Cintya Dharmayanti, Center for Pharmaceutical Innovation, University of South Australia, discusses her cancer drug research work that uses nanoparticles as a delivery system; Dr. Kelsey Pool, LaFroy Research Fellow, University of Western Australia…

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Exploring the wonders of science and its impact on the world. Dissection and discussion of science and science issues made digestible for public consumption.

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Listen to Dr Shane's 'Chat with a Nobel Laureate' at a University of Melbourne-Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program event.

Dr Shane chats with Psychologist Emma-Rose Parsons from Spectrum House about teacher and school staff mental health as we approach the start of the school year and a return to face-to-face learning.

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