Listen to Using AR to Investigate Spine-tingling Crimes from 189934:165 May 2021

The team catches up with Emma & Andy from True Crime Games to talk about their new augmented reality game, Eastern Market Murder. Delve into a world of fortune-tellers and phrenologists in this twisted tale of murder and madness! With options to play at home, or at the actual locations in Melbourne, you can explore the crime scenes, question witnesses, and examine all the evidence to outsmart the killer. Plus, Maize and Dan review the real-time-based idle game, The Longing. In utter loneliness deep below the surface, it's your task to wait for the awakening of your king... for 400 days. The Longing is available on both Steam and for the Nintendo Switch.

With presenters: Dan Morganti, Maize Wallin, Rowena Murray


Eastern Market Murder | Apple App Store

Eastern Market Murder | Google Play Store

Eastern Market Murder Trailer | YouTube

True Crime Games

The Longing | Steam

The Longing | Nintendo Store

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