Listen to Breakfasters - 5 - 9 November 201849:339 November 2018

Olmo Salvatore joins Sarah and Geraldine for a chat with director Sarah Goodes & actor Kamil Ellis about the Melbourne Theatre Company's new show 'Astroman.' Then Jeff returns to the studio for regular segment 'Wednesdare' and a talk about accidentally-on-purpose inserting yourself into a story you were never part of. Plus, funeral director and theatre director Scott Turnbull shares the goss on his appropriately titled new show "The Director," which tells you everything you ever wanted to know about working in a funeral home. And Friday Funnybugger Nat Harris invites everyone who's dating and courting to forget about spicing up your relationship - spice up your break-up instead!

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Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)

Weekly segments

Monday 7:15am Andrew "Donno" Donninson 'Sports wrap'
8:15am Toby Halligan 'Politics'
Tuesday 7:45am Elizabeth McCarthy / Michelle Bennett 'Book Review'
8:15am Vanessa Toholka 'Tech Talk' / Adam Christou 'Game Changers'
Wednesday 7.15am Justin "Digga" Calverley 'Down And Dirty' / Michael Harden 'Food Interlude'
Thursday 7:15am Simone Ubaldi / Hayley Inch 'Film Review'
8.15am 'Feature Creatures' with Sean "The Birdman" Dooley / Simon Hinkley / Ricky-Lee Erickson
Friday 7:45am 'Friday Funny Bugger' with Laura Dunneman / Nat Harris / Matt Stewart
8:45am 'Breakfasters Live' with different live bands each week

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