Presented by Jess Lilley, Najma Sambul and Charlie Lewis


Spin Cycle: Michael Bradley Unpacks Australia’s Defamation Laws

There has been a flurry of high profile defamation cases in Australia recently, so to unpack our defamation laws Jess and Charlie are joined on Spin Cycle by Managing Partner of Marque Lawyers, Michael Bradley.

Michael and the team discuss why defamation cases take up so much space in the public discourse, who the laws are protecting, how friendly the laws are towards the media and investigative journalists and what this all means for freedom of speech in Australia.

"We are known as the most plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction in the world and we deserve that title,” Michael explains. “What that means is that the scope for the expression of free speech and free media in this country is very constrained compared to a lot of other comparable societies.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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Listen to Spin Cycle: Michael Bradley Unpacks Australia’s Defamation Laws39:249 June 2022