From an episode of RadiotherapyPresented by Dr Nick, Miss Diagnosis and Prudence Dear


Radiotherapy: Empowering How We Support People Experiencing Menopause

The Radiotherapy team (Dr Nick, Miss Diagnosis, Prudence Dear & Dr Sonia) are joined on the line by Professor Martha Hickey from the University of Melbourne’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology department for a much-needed conversation on menopause.

Digging into a series of peer-reviewed papers published in the Lancet (led by Professor Hickey) the team discuss everything from how GPs and clinicians can help people experiencing menopause and the importance of rolling out an ‘empowerment’ model for how society supports people through the menopause transition.

“We wanted to go beyond the idea of giving medication and to look at how women are treated by us as a society, by co-workers and also by their clinicians. We found that information has a really big gap. If you go onto websites across Australia for different menopause [and government] organisations… you’ll find completely different lists of symptoms… that’s hopeless for women – they need to have high quality information that’s easily accessible and they need a clinician that can listen with empathy.”

Listen to Radiotherapy: Empowering How We Support People Experiencing Menopause15:0231 March 2024