Presented by Daniel Burt, Nat Harris and Monique Sebire


Breakfasters: What’s up with Duck Hunting in Victoria?

Beloved twitcher and Feature Creatures regular Sean ‘Birdman’ Dooley joins the Breakfasters team to chat about the recent news around the Victorian Government rejecting recommendations to ban the practice of duck hunting in the state.

He reflects on the recent ruling, the science as to why duck hunting is causing harm to local wildlife and his own personal experience in presenting evidence to the parliamentary inquiry into the sport.

“This week’s been a pretty dreadful week… the science shows that there’s been a massive decline in waterbird numbers in Australia in the last 40 years and that’s not specifically due to duck shooting… but the fact that in Victoria on average you have 300,000+ ducks that are recorded as being killed… it is having a multiplier effect on that downward pressure and there’s no way you’re going to get population recovery if you keep taking that number out of the system.”

Photo credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED: ruetro42

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