Listen to Zero G – Episode #1245 – THE MYSTERY OF THE HAUNTED PRYOR01:00:0015 July 2019

Learn about 'Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town' with author Michael Pryor; and we dig into South Korean film PARASITE.

Playlist for Zero G – Episode #1245 – THE MYSTERY OF THE HAUNTED PRYOR
  • Ghostfacers Theme SongSupernatural OST
  • Ghost Whisperer Theme SongGhost Whisperer
  • Ghostbusters vs MythbustersEpic Rap Battles of History
  • Prologue / Mighty Han River / The Monster Is GrowingByeong Woo Lee
  • Sudden Attack in Broad DaylightByeong Woo Lee
  • We Are The DeadDavid Bowie

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