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Listen to Zero G – 14 February 2022 - Episode #1380: Mauseum Piece01:00:0014 February 2022

Today, on Zero-G, Megan and Rob retrospectively review Art Spiegelman's iconic 1980's anthropomorphic graphic novel about the Holocaust, MAUS.

Playlist for Zero G – 14 February 2022 - Episode #1380: Mauseum Piece
  • Art Spiegelman Speaks (From album Plays Leon Country)Istituto Barlumen Band (Featuring Art Spiegelman)
  • The American Dream (From album There Are No Cats In America)Kiirstin Marilyn
  • Der Fuhrer's Face (From album The 1940s Collection)Spike Jones
  • When The Wind Blows (From album When The Wind Blows OST)David Bowie

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